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Advances credit for companies and anticipation of receivables . Through platforms such as Adianta, it is possible to advance your receivables completely online, with little bureaucracy and practicality. With the main objective of facilitating the access of small and medium-sized companies to the credit with the discount of duplicate, Adianta is a startup that already received the investment of great players of the market and established partnership with a series of companies.

Through a fully automated process that offers customers a unique experience, Adianta makes the process of receiving receivables very agile and simplified. Using state-of-the-art technology developed by a team of competent professionals who are concerned with results, Adianta’s system evaluates online credit automatically, which allows for the rapid completion of the receivables advance operation.

Adianta can be used whenever your company needs working capital and has an electronic invoice (NFe) for a sale made on time. Through the platform, you discount these notes and get the money faster. The entire process is carried out 100% online and credit-oriented analysis is always very quick, allowing the company to receive the money referring to the advance of the duplicates in a maximum of 1 business day after the approval of the operation.

Before knowing more details about the platform, what about understanding a little better what is the down payment of receivables ? Also known as a discount of trade notes , this type of financial transaction aims to advance the money that would be received for a sale made on a term. This happens through the transfer of its counterparts to an FIDC (Credit Rights Investment Fund) which advances the amounts from which a small fee is deducted.

Is Adianta a bank or factoring?

Is Adianta a bank or factoring?

One of the great differentials of Adianta is the simplicity of the platform and, especially, the lower rates. In addition, Adianta is simpler and faster than a bank or factoring and fully automated. By working with its own FIDC, it can offer more competitive rates. Another differential that deserves attention is the collection process. Whoever takes care of this process is Adianta, that is, you do not need to collect payment from the debtor / debtor (your client).

Is it safe to make an advance on receivables?

Every financial transaction has its risks and the advance of receivables is no different. If one of the discounted bills is not paid by your client, you will be immediately notified you will have to make the payment to the FIDC that made the anticipation at the risk of having your company included in credit protection agencies since when requesting an advance of receivables you become jointly responsible for the payment of invoices.

Understand how Adianta works

Understand how Adianta works


Turning your electronic invoices into cash completely online is easy with Advance. See how the entire receivable down payment process works.

Step 1 – Registration


Access the Adianta website and register your company. You will need to enter some important data and upload some documents. It is totally free. Within 3 days, the system will make some checks so that your registration can be released and you can use the platform.

Here are the documents required to register:

  • Copy of the document of one of the partners (RG or CNH);
  • Proof of company address of at least 3 months of issue;
  • Proof of residence of one of the partners;
  • Social contract;
  • Last contractual change made by the company;
  • Financial statements of the last fiscal year duly signed by an accountant.

Step 2 – Credit Operations

Step 2 - Credit Operations

To perform a credit operation, you begin by raising your electronic invoice to an .xml file. Your credit is assessed at the same time and the system informs you whether it has been approved or not.

Check what the approved duplicates are and see which ones you want to discount. Then, simply inform the bank account in which you want to receive the money, electronically sign the term of assignment of your securities to FIDC of Adianta and finalize the request.

If you apply for the credit by 3:30 a.m. in one business day, you will receive the money the same day. On the other hand, if you apply after this time or on a holiday or weekend, you will receive the money the next business day.

Interest rate and total cost of ownership

Interest rate and total cost of ownership

Adianta does not work with a single interest rate or total cost of ownership. These values ​​may vary depending on the transaction and therefore may be different for the same customer in separate invoices.

However, since it works with transparency and ethics, it always presents to the user all fees and charges that affect the transaction of the receivables advance so that it knows exactly how it is paying.

Advance Collection

Advance Collection

As we said, you do not have to worry about charging your customer. Adianta will do this for you by sending tickets to your customers and notifying them via e-mail regarding the operation.


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