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Develops SP – Loan, Financing and Digital Credit .. How innovative is digital credit these days? We are living a digital explosion where practically everything will be done via the internet. Are you ready for that? Credit and lending companies are now called fintechs and they are becoming experts in data analysis, using mobile technology and web delivery channels that make digital credit possible and innovative 24 per day 7 days a week.

Most credit products and services are exclusively focused on the area of ​​financing for individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs of all levels. The transactions are offered for both short-term and long-term unsecured debts with guaranteed property or vehicle in most cases.

The truth is that Digital Credit has filled a place where large lenders lack agility and data that are deep enough or comprehensive to offer customized products that go beyond small value personal loans (for example, business loans for information-based microentrepreneurs wholesale purchase or merchant payment activity).

In digital and online credit, people with a restriction on the name, that is, negativadas in the SPC and Serasa, find the chance to obtain cash amounts even if they are dirty name and outside the traditional credit system that are the big banks and financial. 

But it is not only private companies that are in the game of personal credit and finance for businesses, governments have agreed to this and has created devices to offer the citizen and owners of small, medium and micro-entrepreneurs the opportunity to get loans with excellent interest rates and special conditions. Do you know Desarroll SP ?


About SP and Digital Credit

About SP and Digital Credit


A Desenvolvimento SP – It is of the ” Paulista Development Agency ” is one of the financial institutions of the State Government of São Paulo under Social Rationale – Develops Sp – Agência de Fomento do Estado de São Paulo SA – DSP, CNPJ: 10.663.610 / 0001 -29 . A Desarroll SP that has given good opportunities with the best options to get financing to begin the transformation of projects in real growth for companies.

The loan concessions are loaded with long terms and low interest rates, to tell you the truth, interest rates are the most competitive in the market, Desarroll SP is a supporter of the development of small and medium enterprises, and at that moment its main focus is encourage the growth of the economy to generate employment and income for the population.

Desarroll SP has some credit options to meet the many needs that a growing company and beginners need, from financing investment projects for expansions and upgrades to financing for machinery acquisition, industrial equipment and innovation projects.

The Digital Credit is one of the options granted by Financial Development SP, see some characteristics:


Digital Credit – Develops SP

Digital Credit is a type of credit made 100% online, it is a fast and debureaucratized credit that gives access to small businesses to have cash amounts through working capital financing . Approval takes up to 2 business days. The security of the operation is done with a unique system that uses the digital certification E-CNPJ, this system performs the authentication of the operation electronically and also the integration of the queries in several databases and credit protection agency.

Digital Credit – Giro

Digital Credit - Giro

Working capital financing mainly serves to support the production, credit line comes from BNDES Giro, is uncomplicated and automated through the platform of the Digital Credit program for small and medium enterprises.

How does Develop SP Working Capital work?

Companies enrolled in the ICMS Taxpayer Register, with annual revenues of between R $ 360 thousand and R $ 16 million, credit is for the reconstitution of inventories, purchase of inputs and raw material to keep the daily activities of the company running . Here’s how to apply for your Digital Credit.

Term and Interest Rate of Digital Credit

Maximum value R $ 200,000.00
Interest From 1.17% per month (TJLP + 8% per year)
Term 36 months *
Lack 3 months

* including the grace period
The terms of financing may be changed without prior notice.

Digital Credit Approval

Digital Credit Approval

Approval of financing and working capital takes place within 2 business days. But there are rules and terms that must be followed. The contracting company must not be subject to any economic or financial restrictions on the market.

Upon requesting the Digital Credit, the system electronically scans sensitive data such as:

  • Negative Certificate of Debt Relating to Federal Taxes and Active Debt of the Union (CND) or Positive Certificate with Negative Effects of Debts Relating to Federal Tax Credits and to Active Union Debt (CPEND) issued by the Federal Revenue Service;
  • Proof of delivery of the Annual Report of Social Information (Rais);
  • Certificate of Consultation of Regularity of the Employer, of the Fund of Guarantee of the Time of Service (FGTS – CRF) and;
  • Informative Registration of the Undischarged Credits of Organs and State Entities (Cadin – State) – can not be included in it.

Simulator Develops Financing SP

The simulation is available to make 6 types of simulation according to which objective your financing will be destined.

  1. For your company to make innovations
  2. For the growth of the company
  3. For equipment for the company
  4. For daily costs and expenses of the company
  5. For Sustainable Projects
  6. For your company to export products

In the simulator depending on the type of purpose, the repayment term is up to 120 months, with rates of 0.00% for lines of credit for innovation, going through rates from 0.57 % per month to the maximum of 1.13 % per month that is in the Capital Gain.

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