Do not you understand anything about 13th salary? See all you need to know about the benefit

The 13th Christmas salary or bonus is a benefit received by employees with a formal contract, in which the worker earns an amount corresponding to an additional salary at the end of the year.

Employees who do not yet have a business year also receive the benefit, but are paid a value proportional to the time of hiring, where the full salary is divided by 12, and the result is multiplied by the number of months worked. Through

Social Security retirees and pensioners also receive the benefit. Only employees who have been dismissed for just cause, trainees and employees in service with the military are barred from duty.

What is counted in the 13th salary?

13th salary

When calculating the 13th salary, extra hours, extra night, unhealthy and extra commissions also count. However, if the employee has more than 15 unexcused absences in a working month, he loses the relative entitlement for that month.

When is the 13th salary paid?

When is the 13th salary paid?

The first installment is obligatorily to be paid between February 1 and November 30, without any discount and corresponding to half of the amount received in the previous month. The second installment must be given to the worker until December 20, the value relative to the salary of the month subtracted from the amount that was given in the first installment is paid, the Social Security and the income tax are also discounted. The employer must pay the 13th on the last last business day if one of the dates falls on a Sunday or a holiday. The worker can get the first installment of the benefit when leaving on vacation, but for this he must make a request in January.

Warning, if the company chooses to make the deposit of the benefit in a single installment in December, the employer can be fined for this because this practice is illegal.

I got fired or I asked for the bills, I get the 13th salary?

I got fired or I asked for the bills, I get the 13th salary?

If the employee requested the account or was not dismissed for just cause, he remains entitled to receive the benefit, so the amount will be proportional to the working day during the year.

What can I do with my 13th salary?

What can I do with my 13th salary?

This is a good time to pay off your debts or save the benefit to pay off the various bills that arrive at the beginning of the year. IPVA, IPTU, school enrollment, school supplies, are some examples. Or, you can save half of your benefit and invest the money wisely.

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