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The alleged leader, Axel Fuentes, 53, of Bronx, NY is accused of., Was a leader of the scam. Fuentes is said to have made fraudulent deposits into 26 of 45 bank accounts, totaling $ 136,650, and recruiting others to take advantage of them.

The defendants below face up to 10 years and a criminal fine of $ 150,000 for each charge:

Jessenia Gonzalez, 27; Maria Victoria Ortiz, 30 years old; Reinaldo Roman, 41 years old; Juan Mercado, 40 years old; Henri Fernandez, 25 years old; Raymond Goita, 29 years old; David Jenkins, 25; Maria Torres, 51 years old; Lourdes Salcedo, 50 years old; Krystal Diaz, 28; José Lopez, 55 years old; Juan Lopez, Jr., 31; Wilfredo Dejesus, 39 years old; Hector Saliva, Bronx, NY; Bianca Santana, 26 years old; Brandon Brodnick, 24; Rosa Sanchez, 30 years old; Tatiana Rodriguez, 27 years old; Nuris Gomez, 51; Rashaad Brazier, 27; Brian Cruz Santana, 24; Olga Rivera, 24 years old; Luis González Carmona, 38; Madonna Zapata, 28; Alberto Resto, 25 years old; Andrew Molina, 26; Javier Léonard, 26 years old; Edil Rosas, 47 years old; Mathilde Suarez, 38 years old; Roberto Diaz, 23; Abel Ramos, 26 years old; Jesus Suarez, 30 years old; Brendali Rivera, 33; Julia Suárez, 34 years old; Gloryann Torres, 34; Roberto Perez, 24 years old; Israel Cintron, 24; Mitchel Liriano, 25; Stéphanie Urena Gonzalez, 24 years old; Willin Balbuen, 29; Vanessa Perez, 26; David Serrano, 34; Diane Morales, 37 years old; Miguel Cabrera, 30 years old; Edwin Gonzalez, 68 years old.

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