7 things you need to know about Dr Neely Fuller, mentor to Dr Frances Cress Welsing

7 things you need to know about Dr Neely Fuller, mentor to Dr Frances Cress Welsing. Photo: Twitter

Does the name of Dr. Neely Fuller Jr. ring a bell? What about Dr Frances Cress Welsing? Both intellectual giants, the first has been the mentor of the second and is respected among specialists in racism and inequalities. Here are 7 things you need to know about Dr. Neely Fuller Jr.

Outspoken defender against racism and white supremacy

Born October 6, 1929 at the height of the Great Depression, Fuller served in both the military and the air force. During his service, the things he witnessed at home and abroad led him to begin studying white supremacy.

He has spent his life studying and explaining the global system of racism and providing insight into how it can be combated and replaced by a true system of justice in which everyone is treated fairly and those who have the most. need help get it.

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“Racism has done more to promote non-justice than any other socio-material system known to have been produced or supported by the people of the known universe,” Fuller wrote on his website titled Produce justice.

“The fear, frustration, meanness and confusion caused by racism delay or prevent any constructive activity between people in the known universe,” he continued. “The only form of functional racism that exists among people in the known universe is ‘white supremacy’.

Best-selling author and radio host

Fuller is the author three books during his career. There is an original book and manual titled “The United Independent Compensatory Code / System / Concept: A Counter-Racist Code” and a word guide of the same name which can be purchased separately.

Fuller also hosts a radio show, podcast and has a Youtube under the Produce Justice banner where he discusses his work and his positions.


He thinks there is no hope for black-white relations until racism is abolished

In a recorded interview, Fuller said black-white relations could never work in a white supremacist system.

“All the arrangements between blacks, non-whites on this planet, in all fields of activity, 24 hours a day, are, one might say, a tragic arrangement,” Fuller said. “And that falls into three categories: sticky, trashy, terrorist – and there’s nothing better than sticky. … You won’t get anything better than this. You will never get what we call a quality relationship under the racism system. You can only get that quality relationship if you take out racism, which means white supremacy, and replace it with a better system. “

He thinks racism and white supremacy are the underlying cause of all social ills

One of Fuller’s most famous quotes is, “If you don’t understand white supremacy – what it is and how it works – anything you understand will only confuse you.”

This is the premise on which much of his work is based. On his website, Fuller said he was “a longtime victim and servant of racism (white supremacy) in all walks of life,” like millions of others.

He added that his “experiences, observations and / or studies” have led him to believe several basic things, including: “No major problem that exists between people in the known universe can be eliminated until racism is eliminated. is not eliminated. He also thinks: “As long as racism exists, anything that is said or done by people that is not aimed at eliminating racism and helping to bring about justice is a waste of time and effort. energy.”

Focuses on 9 areas of human endeavor steeped in racism and white supremacy

Fuller believes that racism and white supremacy operate through nine major areas of people’s activity, according to its website, Produce Justice. They include economics, education, entertainment, work, law, politics, religion, sex, and war / counterwar.

On his website, Fuller said most people’s problems are from these areas. He explains it as follows:

“The overall effect of this system of world government (rightly called ‘the white supremacist system’ and / or ‘racism’) is to do great, unfair and completely unnecessary harm to all so called ‘ non-whites ” in all ‘The nine main areas of business (people) mentioned above’. If you are a victim of the “White Supremacy / Racism System,” it is logically constructive that you seek to know and understand exactly what white supremacy is and how it works, in all of the “nine major areas of (people ) Activity ”as presented and defined in the“ uni-independent compensatory code / system / concept ”manual (s).

He mentored Dr Frances Cress Welsing

Dr Frances Cress Welsing was a well-respected psychiatrist whose work around racism and white supremacy made her a polarizing figure among hip-hop artists and civil rights activists.

“I was looking for the answer to racism and I remember attending a meeting of the Black Power Committee,” recalls Welsing when he first met Fuller in a excerpt on YouTube. “After the meeting, people were sitting in someone’s apartment eating African food and a gentleman was across the room and… beware, I’m looking for other answers to racism, and I hear this gentleman (Neely Fuller) over there in the other corner saying that racism is a system.

The two then developed a mentor-mentee relationship.

He didn’t approve of the idea of ​​black supremacy

While Fuller is a strong advocate for the abolition of racism and white supremacy, he is against black supremacy, believing that both are destructive to humanity.

“If you say white supremacy, it means you don’t have anything like black supremacy. It’s impossible. It’s one or the other and black people shouldn’t aspire to be black supremacists, ”Fuller said. “It would be exactly the same old form of abuse, but it would be done in blackface. We need to replace the white supremacist system with a justice system that means ensuring that no one is mistreated and ensuring that the person who needs help the most receives the most constructive help. “

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