Are the waste issues around Jacksonville finally in the rearview mirror?

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – The Jacksonville City Council released a final report from its solid waste select committee, and Councilman Ron Salem said the issues should be behind River City.

“It’s not perfect,” said Salem, chairman of the committee. “You are always going to have people (employees) absent for illness and that sort of thing. But I think the services right now are pretty much back to normal.

Over the past few months, Salem says, the group of legislators found that the biggest issues had been resolved.

“We all thought the labor issue was the root of most of our problems, and we’ve found that now that the carriers are full, the complaints have gone down significantly,” Salem said.

While Salem said he wanted the city to stop recycling glass, saying it wasn’t profitable these days, other committee members disagreed.

In particular, what you put in your recycling bins will be scrutinized in order to educate people.

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“We have a huge program coming up, a grant we received, where we will inspect your recycling bin and leave you a report on the bin telling you what was good, what was not good” , Salem said.

The councilman said funds have been set aside for continuing education. He also has high hopes for a transfer station that can make solid waste management efforts more efficient.

“Our landfill is way beyond the Westside on (US) 301, and it’s a 50-minute drive for some of the garbage trucks. So if we can reduce that commute and get the drivers back to the neighborhoods, that’s a win for everyone,” he said.

Salem says residents have to pay about $13 per household per month for solid waste. He says the cost to the city is about $18 per household.

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