Black America Says DJ VLAD Interviews Used By Federal Government To Jail Rappers

Black America says DJ VLAD interviews are being used by the federal government to jail rappers. Photo: Casanova at the Fifth Annual TIDAL X Rock The Vote Benefit Concert held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on October 21, 2019: Photo: zz / John Nacion / STAR MAX / IPx 2019

Fans believe that interviews with besieged hip-hop artist Casanova on VladTV by DJ Vlad led to his arrest and indictment by the FBI. They bombarded Twitter with calls to boycott the popular hip-hop show.

Casanova, born Caswell Senior, faces life imprisonment if the Southern District of New York sues him. He was one of 18 alleged Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation New York gang members indicted. Casanova has been charged with three counts related to drug trafficking, including conspiracy to racketeering, distributing controlled substances and possession of a firearm, according to Vulture. The artist from Brooklyn visited, reported.

Casanova was interviewed on VladTV several times.

“It’s not that he has cats surrounded. It’s the way he talks. I CAN HEAR THE SMUG ASS SMILE as he asks about the difficulties, the choices and the repercussions, HE WILL KNOW NOTHING! Already! This culture is for its food ONLY !! So BACK TO CALABASAS !! LOOK AT THE CITE NOI HOWEVER! “

Fans have called for a boycott of VladTV. “Don’t stop looking at Vlad, stop fucking with that kind of content altogether.” All it does is proof of concept and generate more shit like that, ”one tweeted.

Cassanova wasn’t the only artist to get caught after an interview with Vlad, social media users noted. “Vlad Done took more niggas than the Feds …” one tweet read.

“Only nigga Vlad couldn’t be put in jail was Peewee Longway. He denied everything, ”tweeted another.

But some have tweeted that Casanova bears some blame.

“It’s his job to ask the questions… and if you’re a street guy, it’s your job to know how to navigate those questions or to shut up all together.” Yella & Mo3 did it, Benny & Con did it… Just because he’s asking the question doesn’t mean you have to jump into a 6 minute crime story.

Someone else pointed out on Twitter, “Again, I’m not defending him, but he goes after rappers who are dumb for clicks and sees what the police are watching is not his concern.”

The FBI indictment did not mention VladTV, but it did mention several Instagram posts and photos of Casanova, particularly photos of him wearing gorilla jewelry apparently representing the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Gang.

Inner City Press has confirmed that the information provided by Casanova during his interviews, probably with Vlad, was used in the indictment, HipHopDX reported.

At Twitter, downtown press noted that he had found a Justice Ministry file against Casanova which read: “In public interviews, (Casanova) admitted to stabbing detainees while incarcerated for these charges”,

Federal authorities have been investigating Casanova since 2010, according to Hip Hop News Uncensored. If this is true, they most likely paid attention to all of his interviews, including the ones on VladTV.

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VladTV and its founder DJ Vlad have long aroused the suspicions of black viewers. His real name is Vladimir Lyubovny and he is the CEO of the video and information site His YouTube channel, DJVlad, offers interviews with musical artists, artists, political figures, among others. His channel has more than 4 million subscribers.

Although Vlad remains popular, he has been accused of being a cultural vulture. He was arrested for what some saw as disrespecting the leader of the Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan when he twisted a speech made by Farrakhan over the summer. 59434% 2Ftitle.casanovas -vladtv-interviews-blamed-for-fbi-indictment-twitter-demands-boycott -fbi-indictment-twitter-demands-boycott 59434% 2Ftitle.casanovas-vladtv-interviews-blamed -for-fbi-indictment-twitter-demands-boycott 59434% 2Ftitle.casanovas-vladtv-interviews-blamed-for-fbi-indictment-twitter-demands-boycott

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