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Financing of boats, motorboats, schooners and yachts . A happy day is when we can buy the first vehicle, be it motorcycle or car, then comes the mortgage of the house to make a family or live in peace alone – each has a way. But the happiest day of life is when a person becomes the owner of a boat or boat.

Buying a boat is not like buying a bike to walk in the park, it requires research and dedication to choose the model, the brand, the size and for that, you have to look in physical stores and especially the internet that opens a huge range of opportunities for buy at sight or make a boat financing with special conditions .

Boat Financing

Boat Financing


While accessing the Google search, we find dozens of offers, but the interesting thing is the credit platforms that give access to pre and approved loans for buying and financing boats with just a few clicks. Of course there are many ways to buy and finance a boat , the deadline for approval also depends on many factors.

It is normal to wait two to five days, but this depends on the information provided by the future owner and how the boat will be financed. Getting an ” approved financing without bureaucracy ” to buy a boat depends on three key initial steps:

Financiamento de barcos ou lanchas - como financiar um barco

  • Determine how much you can afford by boat
  • Find an affordable boat to be financed in the established range
  • Find a financier (lender) willing to fund the boat

The main categories of vessels financed are:

Boats, fishing boats, watercraft and for the most subscribers, luxury yachts. For all types of vessels, lenders offer specific types of loans and financing with different terms, terms and rates that include:

– Sailboats, Schooners and Boats to use for leisure, fishing, diving or service. Trawler / Trawler, Trawler, Yacht, Inflatable Boat, Aluminum Boat, Jet Boat, Jet Ski, Jet Boat, Kayak and Canoe, Kite Surf, Wind Surf and Stand-up paddle.

The ideal is to have a realistic decision on the price options and resources available as the amount of money to give input. Organize everything that can help in reducing the wear of negotiations or the prolonged demand of the desired boats. Another thing, deciding whether to buy and finance a new or used boat facilitates 50% of the purchase.

Use pre-approved funding

Use pre-approved funding

How much can you afford for a boat ? One of the excellent ways to complete a boat financing is to get a pre-approved loan from your bank or credit institution that has your profile and by way of advance already tells you how much you can finance for you. This way it is much easier to make realistic decisions of how much the lender will finance, so you can fit the boat in the amount that they will already lend.

When a buyer has a pre-approval financing it is much easier to determine what the term and value of the boat will be financed. This means that the lender will only have to draft the financing agreement with the terms chosen by the borrower.

Where to find boat financing?

 Where to find boat financing?

In traditional private banks, consumer credit finance, credit unions and financial services companies like peer to peer lending platforms and companies that make direct loans in to purchase all kinds of vessels.

Federal, national, and community credit unions can offer special loans, especially with ongoing clients. Some banks such as Banco do Brasil Caixa and Bndes divide by type, type and value of the loans (small boat, tour boats, etc.) and by the length of the vessel.

Amount of funding

Each lender may apply to its own conditions to grant the financing of boats and which entry needs to be advanced. Usually, lenders are asking between 15 to 30 for a new boat, and 10 to 20 percent down on a used boat. For high performance boats and yachts costing more than $ 300,000 the conditions are negotiable according to the profile of the buyer.

First step to buying a boat

 First step to buying a boat

The first step to buying a boat is to specify which type of boat, the one you want. We know that boats are expensive, even the smallest, and unless the buyer has a suitcase full of money in kind to pay for the boat (this is not recommended), usually boat financing may be the best solution.

Another fact that we must not forget is to do the financing simulation of the boats to get an idea of ​​how much can cost your new boat monthly. Do this in the button below.

Boat financing simulation

How to buy a boat or fund?

 How to buy a boat or fund?

Already knowing the value of the good in hand, the buyer must be ready to find the lender who offers the interest and the ideal term that marries the price of the boat for sale to carry out the financing . Do not forget that the creditors when they make bank financing with alienation, they do the homework very well and know in particular the market value of each boat that is for sale, they will check the condition of the vessel and the price of boats for comparisons.

Other type of boat financing


Those interested in buying a boat can also benefit from refinancing with property or vehicle guarantee to get money to buy the boat at low rates around 1, 25% per month if you want to avoid a lot of bureaucracy when buying the boat of Dreams.


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