Britt Baker Opens Up About Interest in Reality Show With Her and Adam Cole: ‘I’d Be Open To It’

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD says she would be open to being part of a new reality show alongside her boyfriend, Adam Cole.

Adam Cole and Britt Baker briefly took issue with the short Wednesday Night War between AEW and WWE NXT. Now they are both happy in AEW, enjoying living their dream as Britt Baker continues to be part dentist and part professional wrestler.

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In the past, AEW had a reality show based on Cody and Brandi Rhodes. Rhodes to the Top aired for one season on TNT, ending just before Cody Rhodes rejoined WWE at WrestleMania 38.

In a new interview with TV Insider, Baker opened up about interest in a potential reality show starring her and Adam Cole and said that although when the idea was first presented to her, she felt that perhaps she was too busy, she has now warmed to the idea and would be open to it.

“There has been interest on more than one occasion. It’s definitely something I’ve warmed to. At first, I felt like I was too busy, and more importantly, I always thought my life was way too boring for something like this. For me, being a wrestler and a dentist is just my life. If it’s content that can be entertaining for others, I would definitely be open to it. » she says.

The pair were recently featured on Bar Rescue and it was an experience Britt says Adam was thrilled to be part of.

“Adam was thrilled we were able to do it. It was really simple. You go to the restaurant and you tell them exactly what you’re doing and you know where the cameras are while they’re coming our way. The bartenders don’t Had no idea we were for recognition I thought for sure we were dead giveaways We didn’t even get our menus for 10 minutes sitting there They had no idea who we are because s If they did, they’d kiss our ass. They didn’t.

AEW plans to introduce more programs. WarnerMedia recently polled fans for their thoughts on a potential new series name. Learn more here.

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