Buffalo Sabers’ 2020 Draft Class Revisited

The Buffalo Sabers made five NHL Draft picks in 2020, and these players have had a whole season to develop since then. There should be more players in this conversation, however. For a team that missed the playoffs, not having a third, fourth or sixth round pick in that draft should be seen as a disappointment. The Sabers improved on that feat in 2021, owning ten picks in seven rounds.

There have been a lot of changes during this time. A few months earlier, after firing former chief executive Jason Botterill, the team fired 22 members of the organization. Their scouting service has been reduced from 21 to just 7 members. Considering it was just three months before the project, it was quite noticeable. The team would rely on video screening, and each remaining member would be crucial in making those selections.

Still, it’s time to revisit the ups and downs of this draft for the Sabers and what it looks like a year from now.

Jack Quinn selected with the 8th overall pick

As Jack Quinn’s pick ages, only time will tell if the Sabers made the wrong decision. Many fans thought Marco Rossi, Anton Lundell, and Cole Perfetti were better options there. Quinn and Rossi played for the Ottawa 67’s in 2019-20, and it was obvious Rossi was more gifted. He scored 120 points in 56 games that season and edged the Sabers prospect by 31 points. While there have been other options, that doesn’t mean Quinn isn’t on track to become an NHL regular.

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