Trade Deflection – A Camet Tue, 21 Jun 2022 18:21:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Trade Deflection – A Camet 32 32 Once again, Starmer has proven himself to be nothing but a political vacuum in human form. Tue, 21 Jun 2022 18:21:27 +0000

The economy looks set to plunge into recession; inflation is at its highest for 40 years; some Tory backbenchers are still conspiring to unseat their leader, who has just lost his second ministerial ethics adviser – and could well lose two key by-elections tomorrow.

And yet, who is the politician most under pressure at the moment? Advance Sir Keir Starmer.

It takes a certain skill set for a Leader of the Opposition to get so far behind when so much is going so wrong for the government of the day. But Starmer seems to have the required skills in abundance.

As the PM attempts to navigate extremely choppy waters, it is Starmer who seems closer to capsizing.

But why? Well, there is a clue in what his critics within the Labor Party are saying about him.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham last week asked his party leader to explain exactly what he stands for.

“There can’t be much more delay now to say ‘This is who we are’, so people can get a sense of where the next Labor government will go,” Burnham told the PM program of Radio 4. “It really needs to happen at the annual Liverpool conference. I would have said it should have started more last year.

And Burnham is by no means alone in seeing Starmer as a political vacuum in human form.

Immigration? The economy? Trans issues? Ukraine? Who knows what he really thinks.

The line, “He’s a nice guy, but what does he stand for?”, is a common refrain repeated by allies and adversaries alike.

As a former Labor MP and minister in the last Labor government, I am appalled at Starmer’s missed opportunities to criticize this Conservative administration.

Think back to the last time an opposition Labor leader had to replace a Conservative government, and the conclusion is obvious: Keir is not Tony Blair.

The latest self-inflicted damage is the best example yet of leadership while at sea.

Strikes on Britain’s railways this week are bringing misery to millions. I must stress at this point that I have no objection to unions having the right to suspend work in support of demands for better pay and conditions. In fact, no one, not even the government, is suggesting they shouldn’t.

But the harsh reality is that railroad workers are already among the highest paid in the country. They also haven’t suffered as much as many others during the pandemic. Their industry – and therefore their jobs – have been saved by an injection of £16billion from taxpayers’ money.

It’s no surprise, then, that commuters feel the RMT should show its appreciation for such largesse by working hard to pull the economy out of the hole Covid has put it in, rather than engaging in a dispute which would cost the hospitality industry alone a whopping £1billion a week.

And when the first nationwide strike in nearly 30 years cripples the rail network, it is reasonable to ask the Labor Party – founded and financed by the unions, remember – what its position is on industrial action.

Who does Her Majesty’s Opposition side with, the pickets or the passengers?

We still don’t know because the ambiguity on this issue starts at the top of the party. When Starmer is asked to criticize unions for their actions, all we get is a turnoff.

Lack of Leadership: Kier Starmer

The RMT isn’t even affiliated with the Labor Party anymore, so why is Starmer so terrified of upsetting its leadership?

Starmer’s statement on the eve of the strike perfectly summed up his closing tendencies: “We must also show leadership and to that end remember that senior MPs, including Parliamentary Private Secretaries (PPS ), should not be on the picket lines.’

Leadership? How can a party show leadership by doing nothing?

To lead means to take a stand, to say what is right, even if it is unpopular with your own supporters.

Ordering your MPs to stay out of sight when the rest of the country is at a standstill is the complete opposite of leadership. But try telling that to “Submarine Starmer” – which, by the way, was nowhere to be found yesterday.

Is it any wonder that in the first hours of the dispute, at least four MPs – three PPS and a whip – flouted Starmer’s instructions and were pictured smiling on picket lines as they showed their solidarity with the railway workers on strike?

Such a challenge surely deserves only one answer – Starmer should issue P45s to his recalcitrant colleagues.

But no. Labor was quick to advise that any decision on whether to discipline them would wait until the weekend, when the official three days of industrial action were over.

Oh, and by then the two key by-elections in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton would also be complete and dusted. Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

One can hardly imagine more blatant displays of defiance of the leader’s authority, given the publicity that accompanied Starmer’s original edict. And yet the Labor leader seems too scared of the repercussions to wield the knife.

What any leader of the opposition worth their salt would have done is unequivocally take the side of millions of beleaguered commuters and small businesses jeopardized by the strike.

He or she reportedly told union leaders to call off their strike and announce Labor’s support for legislation requiring unions to provide at least a minimum of staff on strike days. It would have caused quite a fight in his party, but sometimes fights are necessary to clear the air.

This week Starmer had the opportunity to show his party – and the country – who was boss, to let it be known that he, not the TUC, would decide policy under a Labor government.

And if the unions wanted to walk away with their money, they could do so.

Andy Burnham’s question about what Sir Keir stands for is an important and unanswered one.

Starmer’s critics from the party’s pro-Corbyn far left have previously pointed to the leader’s tendency to say one thing and do another.

When he ran for leadership in 2020, he promised to maintain most of his predecessor’s policies, including Corbyn’s now infamous Ten Pledges, promising everything from full employment and freedom of movement to within the EU, the nationalization of entire sectors of industry and the strengthening of trade unions. .

I don’t blame Starmer for denying any of this left-wing nonsense, and I hope we see more of it dropped before Starmer’s term as leader ends. But the story of the Ten Pledges – and their subsequent abandonment by Starmer – tells us more about what he doesn’t believe than what he does.

Last year he published a 14,000-word pamphlet billed as a guide to his personal political philosophy and, to take the message home, he followed it up with a marathon 90-minute speech at the conference. work.

Unfortunately, no one who read the pamphlet or managed to stay awake until the end of the speech was aware of Starmer’s vision for the country.

As soon as Tony Blair became party leader in 1994, he set about rewriting Labour’s rules, reforming the once hallowed Clause IV of the party’s constitution, the unnecessary commitment to the massive renationalisation of industry.

Once in power, he and his chancellor, Gordon Brown, set about introducing bold reforms, early on when they handed over the power to set interest rates to an independent Bank of England.

The contrast with the unfortunate Starmer could hardly be starker. All we got were clues about what he doesn’t believe, but very little about what he does.

This paralysis must end soon. As the song says: If you mean nothing, what are you going to fall for?

Tom Harris served as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport from 2006 to 2008

Fabricating a trade war with Europe is the latest piece in Johnson’s game of embezzlement and deception Sat, 18 Jun 2022 12:36:37 +0000

Boris Johnson is a front for the Conservative Party, and he blusters and buzzes as if he’s making the wrong impression of himself. But don’t be fooled by his cheesy bob hair — it’s all part of the brand he and his pals have carefully cultivated.

In the age of social media and 10-second TikTok videos, soundbites and looks take precedence over substance. As a former journalist and editor, Johnson knows the importance of grabbing an audience’s attention. “Get Brexit Done” was the “I’m lovin’ it” of his election campaign, because it etched itself more deeply into people’s minds than any detailed policy proposal ever could.

And with politics devoid of new ideas, all that remains is a personality contest, as principles are eclipsed by comic effect and entertainment. This void is filled with opportunists like Johnson, who will alter their political stance depending on whether it will advance their personal circumstances at any given time. When the DUP held the balance of power, it flattered the DUP. Now it’s the right-wing Brexiteer Tories who are keeping him on the job – so he’ll be dancing to their tune until a different song comes along. The paradox is that, while Johnson may have helped create this empty political environment, he is also its product. In the society of the spectacle, it is better to be known as a liar than to be unknown.

NYC swim programs cut amid ‘lifeguard shortage’, outcry splashes Wed, 15 Jun 2022 16:51:00 +0000

NEW YORK CITY — Swim programs will likely disappear from New York City pools this summer, officials said.

A “shortage of national lifeguards” prompted city park officials to cancel swimming programs, including lap swimming, senior swimming and Learn to Swim, at outdoor pools, they announced in a Tuesday tweet.

The decision caused a stir among New Yorkers, especially since these pools are vital for underserved communities on hot summer days and help young people learn to swim.

“We are surrounded by water! tweeted @Veronica_iLse. “I know it’s expensive, but what’s more important than teaching kids how to survive in water they’re sure to end up swimming in.”

Mayor Eric Adams, during a Wednesday appearance on NY1, agreed and noted that two 13-year-old boys in Queens died last week after falling in Jamaica Bay.

He said he would speak to Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue about finding a “creative” way to bring swimming instruction back.

“We have to teach young people to swim,” he said.

But Adams also noted a “major problem” across the country with shortages of lifeguards.

The shortage can largely be attributed to the combined effects of the current low unemployment rate and two years of COVID-19 restrictions that have reduced training for lifeguards, The New York Times reported.

New York City, however, has specific problems.

The lifeguards division has been beset by decades of systemic mismanagement and dysfunction, a scathing report released in December by the city’s investigative agency revealed.

And there have been hints for months that a potential lifeguard shortage could affect swimming programs this summer.

An adult knee swim cut was first reported by Hell Gate in May, for example.

When New Yorkers learned of the cuts to the swim program this week, they weren’t happy.

“This narrative is a diversion from admitting that the city, again, has not been proactive,” tweeted @ErasmaTambora.

“‘Shortage of national lifeguards’ is a funny way of saying ‘criminally mismanaged municipal budgets'” tweeted @see_dub.

“Everything is a compromise. They may miss free swimming lessons, but they will have the possibility of drowning,” tweeted @AndyJBoyd.

Despite likely cuts to swimming schedules, outdoor pools will remain open this summer for general swimming daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., officials said.

Mike Smith’s future with the Edmonton Oilers comes down to a matter of adjustment Mon, 13 Jun 2022 14:25:00 +0000

Mike Smith has been one of the most talked about players in Oil Country since the Edmonton Oilers were knocked out of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs last week, losing the Western Conference Finals 4-0 against the Colorado Avalanche. The veteran goaltender was generally erratic in the playoffs, from high by knocking out the Los Angeles Kings in Game 7 of the first round, to low by allowing five goals on 16 shots in the final 20:48 of the third round period and overtime in the Oilers’ Game 4 loss to Colorado that ended their season.

As the Oilers enjoyed their longest playoff streak of the Connor McDavid era, Edmonton’s abrupt demise at the hands of the Avalanche only made it clearer that a consistent top-tier goaltender is necessary for them to take the next step of playing for the Stanley Cup.

Look beyond Smith’s numbers

Whether it’s his age (40, the NHL’s second-oldest goaltender in 2021-22), how often he’s been absent (48 games missed due to injury – two more than he has actually played — in the past two regular seasons), or his propensity for sudden meltdowns (in Edmonton’s five playoff games against Calgary, he allowed two goals in 36 seconds or less on three occasions, and in the four-game series against Colorado, he allowed two goals in 1:49 or less four times), Smith’s worrying numbers were talked about, written about and tweeted to nausea.

Mike Smith, Edmonton Oilers (Amy Irvin/The Hockey Writers)

To be fair, for every stat that suggests Smith doesn’t even belong in the NHL, there’s one that says he should be nominated for the Vezina Trophy (his April record of 9-0-0 with a incredible 1.56 goals-against-average and .951 save percentage, for example). So, let’s take Smith’s numbers out of the conversation and instead focus on his approach and style, and how said traits mesh with McDavid’s Oilers.

Since Edmonton’s elimination, this has been raised on TSN 1260 radio by two of the most authoritative voices on the subject: Ryan Rishaug, who, as a reporter from TSN’s Edmonton bureau, covers the Oilers as closely than anyone in the media, and Joaquin Gage, a former NHL goaltender who can speak from the perspective of having played Smith’s position at the highest level. Their analysis provided real food for thought:

Smith’s poor positional play hurts Oilers

“There are some parts of his game that I don’t think are right for the Edmonton Oilers (depending on) the way they defend,” Gage said on the June 10 edition of the Jason Gregor show. . “Sitting in his net and sometimes being too active, which makes things a little more difficult than they really are. I have a problem with a lot of goals he allows, (like) big blunders with puck handling.

“I just watch a lot of different situational plays, where if you look at the two goaltenders (Igor Shesterkin and Andrei Vasilevskiy) who are playing in the (Eastern Conference final between the New York Rangers and the Lightning of Tampa Bay), you look at their positioning and even when they don’t see the puck, they seem to be getting to the best spot they can to stop the puck,” Gage continued.

Tampa Bay's Andrei Vasilevskiy Lightning
Andrei Vasilevskiy, Tampa Bay Lightning (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

“I was hoping Mike Smith would incorporate some of that into his game because sometimes he gets to the point of deflection or battles across the screen instead of falling back into the net. I just think he might have some numbers even better with positional play.

Smith is the wrong fit for the Oilers

“Mike Smith has done a good job in the playoffs this year, but the Oilers need a stable, reliable, and calming starting guard,” Rishaug said on the June 7 edition of The Jason Gregor Show.

“He was really fantastic, and then it was lousy, and there’s a risk-reward in Mike Smith’s game that I don’t think fits that group. It’s not what they needed in the playoffs. They needed a goalie that was going to be steady in there and make all kinds of saves and not get in his own way and not get in anybody’s way and just do his job and be rock sloid and give this group the backbone it needed.

“Mike Smith was everywhere,” Rishaug continued. “At times it was brilliant and overall it was really good, but there were mistakes at key times that other keepers don’t necessarily make that type of mistake… I’m not saying that “He’s still not a valuable keeper, I just don’t think that at this age and in this style, he’s the right person for this group.

Related: Oilers’ Top 3 Goalie Trade Targets If They Can’t Upgrade In Free Agency

Smith has one year left on his contract, and there is speculation he could retire after nearly 700 games in 16 NHL seasons. If the 40-year-old decides to hang up the skates, that will make the Oilers’ decision for them. There aren’t many surefire goalies that will be available in free agency this summer, and there don’t seem to be any slam dunk options on the trade block either.

Smith can still be a next-level keeper in many ways. What he’s not is the right goaltender for an Oilers team aspiring to win the Stanley Cup in 2023.

Opinion: ‘Get to know’ exercise felt like ‘The Twilight Zone’ | Opinion Sun, 12 Jun 2022 07:00:00 +0000

Rod Serling must have written that scene, the congressman thought.

He and an assistant were sitting in the rooftop suite of a downtown hotel, which was in very poor condition. Worn out early ’60s decor only added to the feeling of life inside a “Twilight Zone” episode, made worse outside by the monsoon conditions of an afternoon from mid-August.

The threatening storm clouds looked more like Miami than Phoenix, but the changing hues at altitude put an end to any notion that it was happening in black and white.

Seated across the room were visitors from the East – from the Far East – although the delegation came to Arizona from the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles.

Apparently it was a “get to know” exercise, but the congressman understood that the visitors had come as part of a “charm offensive” by the Chinese.

Unfortunately, for his foreign visitors, the congressman saw nothing charming in the Chinese presentation. While he was inclined to give them “an A for effort,” even their hospitality intent was awkward. Rather than calling room service and pre-arranging drink service for all attendees, a junior member of the delegation rushed to brew coffee in the small machine provided by the hotel. in the following.

The young diplomat’s hasty decision to pour the hot drink into highball glasses only added to the unsuitable atmosphere of the meeting. So, with hot, steaming coffee served in glasses better suited to happy hour, the senior Chinese official began his cheerful speech.

“China desires friendship with the United States,” the consular officer said. “And there is no better way to foster the friendship between our two nations than to build on the trade policy already in place. If the United States Congress extends “normal commercial relations” with our nation, it will contribute to the prosperity and security of both our peoples. »

The congressman offered a response that was phrased in diplomatic niceties, but spelled out his concerns clearly: “Welcome to Arizona; you honor us with your visit. Thank you also for having expressed your desire for friendship between our nations. In this spirit, let us speak frankly, as friends. Despite your kind words, it is very difficult to reconcile these comments with some disturbing remarks made recently by one of your senior officers. Specifically, it was Lt. Gen. Xiong Guangkai who said of our nation and our people, “…you care much more about Los Angeles than you care about Taipei. How to interpret this, if not as a direct threat?

The top Chinese diplomat had an immediate response: “Member of Congress, perhaps you have already been misquoted in the press? I believe that was the case with General Xiong in this case.

“Furthermore,” he continued, “because our headquarters are in Los Angeles, I can assure you that my colleagues and I have a considerable personal interest in this great city!”

Despite the diplomat’s efforts to distract with humor, the conversation did nothing to change the congressman’s mind. When the issue of extending “normal trade relations” with Communist China was put to the full House, he voted no.

Fast forward through two decades and five occupants of the White House. The congressman is now a columnist, but serious questions remain about US-China relations.

Of the five men who held the Oval Office during those years, only Donald Trump remained skeptical about trade with China. The other four were pro-China business, including one, Bill Clinton, who was “evolving.”

Governor Clinton campaigned as an opponent of China trade, only to change his mind as president, and campaign finance records explain why.

Chinese citizens’ financial contributions to the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996 prompted changes to US campaign finance law, but had no legal consequences for President Clinton.

Undaunted, the Chinese changed their strategy. Instead of presidential campaigns, they focused on “principalities”, the children of prominent politicians. Most notably, Hunter Biden, who has been involved in questionable business dealings with Chinese entities.

Something must have upset Hunter’s father, the current Commander-in-Chief. On a recent trip overseas to visit Asian allies, there was no stop in Taiwan, but Joe Biden halted the traveling White House press corps when he said that the United States would intervene militarily if the Chinese attacked Taiwan. White House staffers immediately “backed off” his comments, but Ol’ Joe had taken the “strategic ambiguity” to higher levels of contradiction and confusion.

Or could it be that the elder Biden was playing his own “deflection game,” aware of suspicions he might be a target of blackmail?

Meanwhile, press reports indicate that China may soon act militarily against Taiwan – just as Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year. Two communist nuclear powers go to war against their neighbors in 2022? What could happen next?

It sounds like the plot of a 1962 “Twilight Zone” episode – or maybe, if the miscalculations continue, like “Twilight’s Last Gleaming.”

JD Hayworth represented Arizona in the United States House from 1995 to 2007. He drafted and sponsored the Enforcement First Act, legislation that would have mandated federal immigration enforcement in the 109th Congress.

The recap: Cubs have plenty of business assets besides Contreras, Frazier returns to Yankee Stadium, Hernández says MLB disadvantages minority umpires Fri, 10 Jun 2022 14:36:27 +0000

“I won’t let you down. So please don’t give up on me…because I would really like to stick around. -George Michael, Freedom ’90

Thanks to Wednesday’s rain and yesterday’s day off, it almost feels like baseball season is over for fans of Chicago’s North Side baseball players. It certainly isn’t, although it was nice to get off that train for a brief respite. This mini-vacation focused on Willson Contreras and his arbitration hearing, which was avoided when both sides agreed to pay for $9.625 million.

There’s nothing wrong with a mid-term settlement, as it means both sides are pretty much in agreement on the value of the player. As Evan Altman pointed out yesterday, opposing teams now know what they will owe Contreras if the Cubs decide to trade him, but taking a step or two forward, an out-of-court settlement sets the tone for possible contract extensions.

Although the backstop appears to be the team’s best trade chip heading into the Aug. 2 deadline, a shortage of frontline starters means that may not necessarily be the case. Wade Miley should be in high demand if he’s healthy, and Jed Hoyer could theoretically treat Kyle Hendricks and/or Marcus Stroman. The Mets, Yankees, Twins, Cardinals, Braves, Mariners and White Sox will all be looking for additions to their rotations.

The reliever market is always inflated this time of year and Hoyer has a few bullets in David Robertson, Mychal Givens and Rowan Wick. Any team with playoff aspirations would love to acquire one of these bullpen assets, and Roberston is acutely aware that he’s likely to pitch elsewhere soon.

“[The Cubs] have a good lead of guys coming here, being successful and then signing multi-year deals,” Robertton said the other day. “It’s a formula they have here now. Especially the guy who may have had an injury or had a tough year. Get them a good deal here, and then they’ll get over it and get back to their old rhythm.

It’s almost like the closest signed knowing the Cubs will return him at the deadline, and that kind of transparency circles the league in a positive way because it means Hoyer is being honest during negotiations. David Ross admitted that was Chicago’s way of doing business at this stage of their rebuilding.

“[Hoyer and Carter Hawkins] do their research to find out if someone is fit and if we can help them improve,” the official noted. “And then we are able to convey that message when we talk to them. It’s part of the recruiting process, here’s how we think we can help you. Whether it’s something you agree with or not, it’s something we want to know before you come here.

If Hoyer wants to build his next contending team around Contreras, he has more than enough pieces to add to his chest of exciting prospects. In fact, Hendricks and Stroman’s values ​​could actually be inflated a bit thanks to the current economy on the demand side of baseball. You might not like the expanded playoffs, but it certainly expands the market of talent available in the game. Ultimately, Contreras would like to stay anyway.

“To be honest, if it happens, it happens,” the veteran receiver said. “I know the deadline is approaching. I don’t try to think about it. . . . If I happen to be traded, I hope it will be to a good team that has a chance to go to the World Series. Or if a trade doesn’t happen, I’ll be happy to stay and continue to compete with my teammates. Right now, I’m still a Chicago Cub and I’m proud of it.

Cub News and Notes

Odds & Sods

Dave Parker had the ultimate swag.

“If you hear noise, it’s just me and the boppin boys” ~ Happy 71st birthday to Pittsburgh #Pirates legend Dave Parker! “The Cobra” was born in Grenada, Mississippi on this day in 1951. #MLB #Baseball #History

Climb the ladder

“Locked and loaded – that’s why I said we really had to fight to figure it out.” – Silversun pickups, lazy eye

In his first 161 games as a Cub, Patrick Wisdom hit 40 homers with 92 RBIs and scored 86 times with an OPS of .805. He also has 228 strikeouts in 590 plate appearances. If Contreras is traded at the deadline, Wisdom, Frank Schwindel and Ian Happ would become the de facto leaders among the Cubs who get regular playing time. Those three, plus Nico Hoerner and Seiya Suzuki, would be Chicago’s top offensive options, assuming Hoyer continues to collect minor league players.

How about that!

MLB is experiment with baseballs in miners to find the best sticky substance.

Ángel Hernández affirms that the league manipulated critics disadvantage minority arbitrators.

Don’t sleep on the surging Braves in the NL East or Wild Card battle. Atlanta won their eighth consecutive match Thursday evening.

Who will join Joe Girardi and Joe Maddon in baseball’s stable of managers fired mid-season? If you’re a White Sox fan, I’m sorry to say Tony La Russa isn’t listed.

With two outs in the 6th inning and following a wild pitch that moved Freddie Freeman to second base, La Russa asked left-handed reliever Bennett Sousa to walk Turner after working up to a 1-2 count. Max Muncy followed and blew a three-run homer.

In an article for the New York PostJon Heyman said he believed this year’s trade deadline will be a little disappointing. He listed the Cubs as one of seven teams that will be sellers.

Thursday’s Three Stars

  1. Shohei Ohtani – The Two-Way Star is a stat eater on the days it casts. He was 2-for-5 with a home run yesterday and pitched seven one-run innings as the Angels finally snapped their 14-game losing streak with a 5-2 victory over the Red Sox.
  2. Shane McClanahan –The Rays starter pitched a masterful eight innings against the Cardinals on Thursday, hitting nine batters while improving his record to 7-2 on the season.
  3. Muncy –The slugger returned from IL to beat the White Sox with a home run and five RBIs as the Dodgers beat Chicago 11-9.

Extra sleeves

Happ, who has also been mentioned in trade rumors, would like to stay with the Cubs his entire career. Give to Laundress Jeff assistance if this happens. Maybe we could ask Jeff to sit in the right field bleachers the next time Juan Soto comes to Wrigley Field.

Friday morning six pack

  1. If the Cubs need to add a power hitter to their roster, maybe they should consider Bears quarterback Justin Fields. Tight end Cole Kmet also went down the court and tackle Teven Jenkins also threw in a few punches.
  2. The Bears got caught skipping the pads earlier this week, and so I think it’s safe to conclude they are going to be a fun bunch to watch this season.
  3. Every morning when I wake up the gas is still more expensive and there is no end in sight.
  4. The White House pushes to manufacture electric vehicles standard mode of transportationwhich I suspect is partly a deviation from runaway fuel costs and record inflation.
  5. If you were hoping LeBron James could leave once he retires, he’s determined to create an ownership group bring an NBA team to Las Vegas.
  6. “Some people have no idea what they’re doing, and a lot of them are really good at it.” – George Carlin

They said it

  • “This is the best place in the world to play baseball with this fanbase. I would love nothing more than to be a Cub Scout for life. – Hap
  • “It’s great pop and these guys are hard to find. I remember my first season, 2020, hearing about this guy lighting up the alternate site. You hear about that Wisdom guy [and then] you see what everyone loved about him, his phenomenal defense, his one-on-one running. When you are on an alternative site and there [are] no fans – and you’re competing against the same guys and the coaches are delighted with your work – it just says something about who you are as a person and as a player. –Ross

Friday song

Its roots are in punk but PJ Harvey provides just enough hook and some dirty, distorted guitar riffs to hide that a bit. That said, it’s not too hard to see the influence of a band like the Sex Pistols, but with just enough Patti Smith to soften its edges slightly.

Isaac Hayden leaves Newcastle as summer kicks off ahead of new season Tue, 07 Jun 2022 22:57:15 +0000

ST ALBANS, UK: Phil Mickelson headlines a group of 48 golfers at this week’s LIV Golf Invitational London.

Other big-name players who will play at the Centurion Club on Thursday include Dustin Johnson, Martin Kaymer and Sergio Garcia.

There are eight events in the inaugural LIV Golf Invitational series.

Seven are regular season events – in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia – where players will compete as individuals and teams for points and prize money.

These competitions will be played over 54 holes in a traditional strokeplay format, instead of the usual 72, and there will be a “shotgun” start for all groups of players, who will start from different holes at the same time.

At the end of the seven tournaments, an individual champion will be crowned based on the points accumulated throughout the season.

The eighth and final tournament will be a season-ending tag team championship game in Miami that will take place over four days.

Since each event will consist of a different field, teams will be decided via a draft each time.

LIV Series golfers will be playing for the biggest prize pools in history, even overshadowing the prize pools offered at the four major tournaments.

Each regular season event will have a $25 million purse, with the winner taking home $4 million.

After the first seven events, an individual champion will be crowned, providing a total purse of $30 million to the top three individuals of the season.

The end-of-season tag team championship will have a prize pool of $50 million.

The signing of six-time major winner Mickelson is a major blow for the heads of LIV Golf.

Mickelson hasn’t played since February.

Other big names include big winners Johnson, Kaymer, Garcia, Charl Schwartzel, Louis Oosthuizen and Graeme McDowell.

European Ryder Cup stars Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood are also on the pitch in St. Albans, on the outskirts of London.

Former world number one Greg Norman is the managing director of LIV Golf Investments. He spoke of his vision for a “free and open market” in golf.

Those who chose to play did so despite warnings of disciplinary action from the PGA Tour.

Two-time winner Johnson announced on Tuesday that he has resigned from his PGA Tour membership, along with compatriot Kevin Na.

This move means they have effectively taken themselves out of the picture when it comes to potential penalties.

The DP World Tour, formerly known as the European Tour, said it “evaluates each request on a case-by-case basis”.

World Ranking Points are currently not offered at LIV events, although officials have held talks on the matter.

Another area of ​​uncertainty concerns the four major leagues, which are governed separately.

They gave different answers on LIV’s defectors, but the United States Golf Association said Tuesday the players could play at next week’s US Open in Massachusetts.

The situation on the Ryder Cup seems clearer and Johnson has effectively made himself ineligible to play in the team competition again by quitting the PGA Tour.

McDowell, whose Ryder Cup eligibility is tied to joining the DP World Tour, said he had given the matter considerable thought, adding that he hoped his involvement in the LIV series would not prevent him to participate in future contests.

2022 NBA Draft Analysis: Jeremy Sochan Mon, 06 Jun 2022 16:44:25 +0000

With less than a month to go, Mark and Caitlin are back with a new episode of “Stock up, Stock down.” Breaking down a different perspective each week, the idea is for the hosts to watch a player, identifying reasons for being both bearish and bullish, with a frame of reference from a few specific games as well as the Pacers. Then, zooming out with a wider focus, a guest expert reacts to the findings.

This week, @beenthrifty joins to talk about La Lumiere product Jeremy Sochan through the lens of Baylor’s games against Kansas, TCU and Alabama.


Caitlin’s pick – spin defense and movement skills

When operating at the peak of his powers, Jeremy Sochan flies defensively with the technique of a dancer spotting around a turn, maintaining awareness of movement, direction, and location in space even while turning.

Just look at this possession against Kansas, as they work their way out of the scramble situation, hitting their marks while communicating, before reading the jump pass and sliding from the corner to the opposite block without losing the lead. balance or control.

Or, how about against TCU, when in one possession, he defended all five players on the court, whether defending on the ball as a main or providing coaching. For those counting, here’s a look at the matchmaking changes.

  1. Start defending Jakob Coles in the corner

2. With Coles cutting the baseline from the options screens, switches and chases Damion Baugh to the perimeter

.3. Communicate the back screen and trade Baugh for Chuck O’Bannon Jr. without losing sight of the ball

4. Converges to Eddie Lampkin Jr. at the elbow as pivot point, before coming back to cover O’Bannon (and resist the urge to rush) on the cut

5. After tagging Lampkin as a roll, release Coles again, his original mission, and smash to challenge Francisco Farabello’s spinning move, completing the fivefold

To be fair, it’s not without its wobbles. Even there, in what ultimately ended in a deflection, he probably should have snapped his head off and walked with his inside arm outstretched to avoid disassociating himself from his last check, but he has an undeniable presence in the shadows nonetheless. ; sometimes he makes it look like he’s ending an entire team’s offense just with the way he skims the ground, playing a multi-position team defense.

This way, while Sochan still needs to hone his grounding, especially when it comes to tracking guards from the perimeter and sometimes being overzealous at the point of attack, his overall control of his off-ball awareness in combination with its blend of lateral softness, verticality and backward mobility point to its potential to defend with flexibility in limited contexts as well as global connectivity as part of a collective.

Mark’s Choice—Decision Making

Out of stock

Caitlin’s Choice – “Spacing”

For now, Sochan is not a reliable shooter. According to InStat, he only managed 29.8% of his three-way shots and only 58% of his free throws. Without a proven jump shot, NBA defenses won’t be as likely to bite on his over-the-top faux pump.

Besides, Alabama doesn’t seem too concerned here about leaving it wide open out of pick-and-pop. The back pursuit guard doesn’t come unstuck, there’s no tension on the rim protector, and the closest weak side defender doesn’t move a muscle.

Yet relying on volume and 3-point accuracy as the only two data points to determine “spacing” misses an important factor: can he do anything with the ball?

In this regard, there’s a difference between being ignored while standing still and slithering out of an exit screen with the auxiliary handle and contraption for its size to do so:

For the season, Sochan has only attempted nine shots after rolling or sliding to the basket, but is smart with a natural, if somewhat hesitant, feel to cut and place screens in the half court. He just didn’t always touch the ball in those situations with the ability to make a play as a connective passer. What if he did it with Tyrese Haliburton behind the wheel?

At this point, instead of wondering if he can get over the obstacle of fences, where he can sometimes be stereotypical with his footwork patterns and tends to rely heavily on his spinning motion or end up stuck in no man’s land, perhaps perceptions should shift to whether what he’s doing on defense can provide him with enough rope, especially in the right developmental context, to justify allowing him to honing what else he showed in flashes that could mitigate the need for him to improve as a deep shooter.

Although a bit rough around the edges, he wowed when deployed in the center of the point in the Kansas game, facing David McCormack at one end of the floor while raising the ball and playing both sides of the other’s pick-and-roll.

If he’s not going to be defended on the pop anyway, maybe he’ll have the opportunity to space the floor with the game, open shots for better shooters, such as Haliburton, Buddy Hield or Chris Duarte while drawing the rim protector out of the paint.

Also, while he clearly wasn’t as polished or powerful around the basket, there was that intoxicating glow where he went from stepping away from a double-ball screen to slicing and staying below a switch which was reminiscent of how Sabonis would occasionally flex between the ball handler. and finisher on the same possession.

But here’s the thing: Two-time All-Star Sabonis didn’t really start getting these types of reverse pick-and-roll reps until the backcourt is exhausted due to health and safety protocols. As such, it seems somewhat dubious that Sochan, who can do a lot in small doses but doesn’t currently possess a defining crystallized trait or the tools to consistently pressure the rim, is shaped to reshape defenses in this mold with a longer term view, let alone as a teenage rookie.

That said, even after the trade deadline, there was room in the offense for the big guys to operate as off-time trailers or a general means of continuity with transfers. These actions would see him go from 5 outs to what could be the stuff of a slippery keeper, when he can stay under control; but there’s reason to think about the tightness of the ground with Isaiah Jackson planted outside the action. Along those same lines, it’s probably fair to wonder if the aforementioned idea of ​​Sochan as a short-roller would happen in favor of Jackson’s vertical pop or with Jackson in place of the dunker.

All this to say that Sochan has a path to “space” the floor that doesn’t solely depend on him as a reliable floor spacer or the variability of canning turnaround dribble jumpers, but is primarily built on the ground. is intriguing at this point and would apparently be the road less traveled for the Pacers, at least based on recent history.

Mark’s pick – Lack of hitting and shooting prospects

Other topics:

  • Analyze Sochan’s defense at the point of attack as well as at the post
  • Throwing him in lineups with Isaiah Jackson on both ends of the floor
  • Evaluate your methodology when attacking fences
  • Why the environment is important for its development
  • After

Enjoy the capsule and keep looking forward to more of these episodes as we near the draft. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to rate and review the Indy Cornrows podcast on Apple Podcasts. and subscribe wherever you can listen.



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