CMCO: M’sians who WFH shares 5 ways they saved more money than ever

Just ask someone if they fail to get up very early, shower, get dressed, rush to breakfast, and get to the office in about an hour. Chances are, most of them will say that they absolutely do NOT miss all of this. With 2020 being what it is, many Malaysians have been encouraged or even urged to work from home to protect themselves from the nasty virus circulating there.

Aside from the more obvious perks of working from home, like attending Zoom meetings in their underwear (we can’t confirm that everyone does), being able to sleep until the last minute and never having to sitting in rush hour, among other things, Malaysians experience a frugality they’ve never had before. But how and where is the money saved? Here’s what some of our friends shared with us:

1. You no longer spend on logistics, which takes a good chunk of our money

Daily commutes to and from your workplace can get really expensive when you add them up. You have to pay for gas, parking, and some, tolls. If you take public transport you might pay less but it’s still money spent!

“I live in Ampang but work in Sunway and I usually take the NPE highway which goes through two tolls. One toll is 2.30 RM and another is 1.00 RM, so I pay 3.30 RM for a one way ticket! It’s RM6.60 per day and it’s RM132 per month. This is what I save by working from home and it’s great! -Shahril, 30 years old

When working from home, the only time you use your car or motorcycle is when you go out for groceries or other essentials. Otherwise, you feel right at home and don’t spend a dime on gas, parking or tolls every day.

“Gasoline costs me around RM80 per week for my Myvi because I work quite a distance from home. It’s RM320 per month spent on gasoline and add the parking fee to the ones I pay RM10 per day and I shell out another RM200 per month which goes up to RM520. But since we started working from home, all that money is saved!


2. You start to cook your own meals at home, which is much more profitable

Home-cooked meals

Unless you are the type to get up at 5 a.m. to prepare your day’s meals, you go to lunch with your colleagues where a plate of ‘nasi campur‘with a drink these days can go up to RM10 or more. After work, you could meet your friends for dinner and that’s even more money spent.

“I usually eat in a warung nearby which costs me around RM10 with a drink like ‘teh o ais‘. Some days I go to lunch with my colleagues in Mid Valley and it usually comes down to around RM20. It’s almost RM400 just for food every month! -Chloé, 37 years old

Working from home not only encourages you to eat healthier but also prevents you from ordering overpriced meals and you also start learning to cook more than instant noodles.


3. No more window shopping and impulse shopping during lunch break

Window shopping

If your office is near or inside a mall, you’ve probably been doing some impulse shopping while heading out for your lunch break. The temptations are always there and although some people have an iron will, most will succumb to retail therapy even when it is not necessary.

“My office is next to a mall and most of the time we will have lunch at restaurants inside the mall. I always end up window shopping a bit and buy a t-shirt here, a jacket there, sometimes even do some big electronics shopping because I love gadgets when I’m supposed to save money . I am guilty of spending almost RM500 just for shopping every month ”. -Izzwan, 29 years old

When you are working from home all of these temptations are out of sight and you will be surprised at how much money you save.


4. You can work in your ‘baju rumah” and stop spending on expensive, dressy work clothes

Work from home against the coronavirus

Or makeup for that matter.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of working from home is that you no longer need to buy work clothes or makeup. This applies to those who are required to dress to work in a corporate environment, such as office staff, jewelers, insurance agents, and the like.

“As an insurance agent, I have to be dressed properly all the time, but my normal everyday clothes are just basic t-shirts and jeans. I have to buy new shirts, socks, shoes every now and then as they would sometimes be worn, damaged or lost, and they could be over RM 1,000 if I get a few new sets for daily use. ” -Ben, 27 years old

You won’t need all the fancy ties, black waxed shoes, office skirts, high heels, and other accessories when working from home. Just put on a t-shirt, put on comfortable jogging pants and get on with your workday!


5. There are actually more ways to save money when you shop online instead of going out

Online shopping

Online shopping has not only changed the way we shop, it also offers much more attractive incentives that help us save money. These incentives come in the form of cashback, rewards and discounts depending on the credit card you use to make your purchases.

“You can actually make money when you use redemption programs or get rewards when you spend with certain credit cards, while some offer exclusive discounts when you use them at certain merchants. The more you spend, the more you are rewarded! I can sometimes get over 100 RM in cashback. –Jacques, 28 years old


That is true! Some people have a stack of different credit cards to take full advantage of each offer offered by various banks. But what if we told you that there is a credit card that does it all?

That’s right, Standard Chartered is launching a credit card that redefines smart shopping!

With the new Standard charter Chip credit card, you can elevate your online shopping with all kinds of benefits. You can receive cashback, rewards and discounts all with just one card! Read on to see what the card offers.

30% cash back when you spend on selected online platforms

  • Earn up to RM80 cashback each month for the first 6 months until April 30, 2021
  • Participating merchants: Agoda, Boost, GrabPay, Klook, Lazada, Roaming Man, Shopee, Touch N ‘Go e-wallet and Zalora

6% discount on digital lifestyle purchases

  • Spend at least RM 1,000 retail per month to unlock 6% cash back at select merchants, capped at RM 20 each month.
  • Participating merchants: Astro, iQIYI, Joox, Netflix, Playstations, Spotify & Steam

Other benefits include:

  • A registration reward consisting of Refund RM200 OR Mi True Wireless Earphones – When you apply online, activate and pass within 45 days of approval
  • No cash advance fees – Access fast and convenient cash and enjoy worry-free spending all year round
  • 30% discount on meals – Treat your inner foodie with 30% cashback (capped at RM30 per transaction) and up to 20% off at participating restaurants
  • Up to 20% discount on online purchases – Shop until you come across weekday online deals with up to 20% off at your favorite online stores in Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Watsons & Taobao
  • Get rewards from your favorite e-wallets – Exclusive offers and rewards when you top up and spend with your favorite e-wallets for Boost, Fave & Grab
  • Get extra cash with 0% interest rate – Get fast payment up to RM15,000 at 0% interest rate with Check-On-Call Plus and RM100 cashback when you complete a transaction within 60 days of approval

That’s not all! There is a sign-up bonus offer where, for a limited time only, you can visit the Standard Chartered Chip Credit Card Website to find a hidden surprise. If you find it, you can get a RM100 bonus in addition to your RM200 sign-up gift! In addition, we will reveal another secret to you:

Follow Standard Chartered Facebook page to search for clues that will help you find the hidden surprise.

For more information on the card, visit this website.

It’s time to win a life with the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card. Sign up today and enjoy all of those benefits that no other credit card offers and be a smart shopper!

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