Coast becomes clearer one day as 37th annual cleanup returns to ‘normal’ – Times-Herald

Movie Trivia – Or “Age Tester” from your point of view: A word of career suggestion that Dustin Hoffman received after graduating from college in the 1967 movie “Alumni”: 1). “Computer” 2). “Follow-up” or 3). “Plastic.”

Of course, it was “plastic”. And while it was a lucrative career at the time, it’s a headache for environmentalists of the century. And strangely enough, it’s a pandemic that plastic, especially plastic bags, finally disappeared from the list of the 10 most discarded items picked up during the California Coastal Cleanup in 2019.

Jennifer Kaiser, spokesperson for the Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District and Vallejo Coastal Cleanup Coordinator, said:

“In the first year after the ban, plastic bags weren’t in the top ten,” Kaiser said. “Last year we got back into the top 10. People couldn’t bring their own bags because of COVID. The restrictions were lifted during COVID and the bags are back. Let’s use our bags again. It will be interesting to see what happens this year. “

In addition to the less popular discarded cigarette butts, with or without bags, there is always a regular line of used tires, fast food packaging, broken glass, metal and junk equipment picked up by volunteers. . ..

According to Kaiser, this Saturday’s event (9am at 20 Vallejo sites) is likely to be seen too, with 806 in 2019, against 113 volunteers limited to COVID in 2020. We hope our volunteers will participate.

Kaiser said it was “interesting” because COVID last year encouraged individuals to pick up trash near their homes rather than the planned waterfront location.

“Since April 2020, we have been offering so-called DIY (Do It Yourself) cleanings. We weren’t able to perform monthly stream cleanups, ”Kaiser explains. “I literally drove and dropped supplies at people’s homes, and they cleaned up the neighborhood and reported.”

It’s not as good as traditional cleaning, but “it was really great because it gave people something to do,” Kaiser said.

Kaiser said: “Last year’s coastal cleanup was carried out on the same concept. They didn’t want traditional cleaning, so they encouraged people to leave the house to go find and report on their neighborhood. (What they picked up). “

The 113 documented volunteers weren’t close to the pre-COVID numbers from the previous year, but “more than any other city in the county and were really cool,” Kaiser said. “I was impressed and excited that people are still interested in going out and helping the community.”

“We had to make a quick decision,” the California Coastal Commission “wants to organize a traditional clean-up day,” Kaiser said. “Therefore, we follow local protocols. But if the volunteers aren’t good at getting together in groups, you can go out and do it yourself. It’s awesome. Tracking numbers. Let them know so we can. “

According to Kaiser, this time he won’t be returning to his free volunteer lunch, which should typically have around 300 or 400 volunteers.

“I didn’t think it was the right move this year,” Kaiser said. “I hope we get it back next year. We have coupons for snacks and Rubio (restaurants) for those who show up.

Kaiser pointed the finger at a student at San Diego State University, pointing out that there were a lot of “pretty toxic” cigarette butts thrown away. I dropped a cigarette butt in the aquarium. “The fish died within 24 hours.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, many face covers and latex gloves were thrown away in 2020.

“We have a lot of public support and education – ‘don’t throw masks or gloves on the streets,’ Kaiser said.

It is recommended that volunteers wear comfortable shoes, long pants, gloves and a hat. You don’t need a mask, but “every site has additional equipment as well as hand sanitizers,” Kaiser said.

For more information, including the cleanup site, please visit or call (707) 645-8258.

Coast becomes clearer one day as 37th annual cleanup returns to ‘normal’ – Times-Herald Coast becomes clearer one day as 37th annual cleanup returns to ‘normal’ – Times-Herald

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