DC Area Forecast: The Last Weekend of Summer Will Smell the Game

A somewhat subjective rating of today’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

8/10: Temperatures are again above average. Otherwise, a taste of summer without the humidity!

  • Today: Partly to mostly sunny. Treble: low to mid 80s.
  • This evening: Generally clear. Low: Near 60 to mid-60.
  • Tomorrow: Quite sunny. Treble: mid to upper 80s.

Our average high is around 80 degrees and drops by half a degree per day. Keep that in mind as we will be spending the coming days in consistent and, at times, considerably higher than normal temperatures. The good news is that this could be the last breath of real summer heat. In a few weeks, getting the temperatures so high becomes more and more difficult. Of course, with the heat these days, you don’t want to give her a reason to do weird stuff.

Today (Saturday): Clouds are expected to be more numerous than the past few days. That said, they’re probably not too numerous and may be more frequent in the morning. The humidity is still low, but is approaching the lower limit of moderate, so you may notice it a bit. The low highs in the mid 80s feel pretty good as a light southerly wind blows. Confidence: medium-high

This evening: Another beautiful evening. Temperatures drop through the 70s as the sun sets. Under mostly clear skies, low temperatures range from the upper 50s to the mid 60s. Light southerly winds become calm. Confidence: medium-high

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Tomorrow Sunday): The high pressure is beginning to ease, so clouds are once again hard to find. We sink into this mass of summer air. High temperatures end in the mid to above 80s. Winds blow from the south and southwest. Confidence: medium-high

Tomorrow evening: Mostly clear skies persist. It’s another great night to hang out! Low temperatures range into the 60s. Light southerly winds pump the dew points deeper into the 60s so the humidity becomes more and more noticeable. Confidence: medium-high

Partly to mostly sunny Saturday. With a slight increase in humidity, temperatures reaching highs near 90 seem a bit warmer. We’re sailing into fall in style. Confidence: medium-high

This weather model does not want to offer us much in terms of weather, other than the sun at least. More of the same Tuesday. As it is further away, the temperature range is a little less certain. Say mid 80s to near 90s. Confidence: Medium

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