Dijon Kizzee family attorneys say he was shot 15 times in Los Angeles for violation of the bicycle code

Lawyers for Dijon Kizzee’s family say the 29-year-old was shot 15 times in Los Angeles after police arrested him for a bicycle code violation. Photo: Protesters clash with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department MPs during protests after Dijon Kizzee’s death on August 31, 2020, in Los Angeles, Calif. (AP Photo / Christian Monterrosa)

New surveillance footage shows how Dijon Kizzee was shot dead by police on August 31 in south Los Angeles as they attempted to arrest him after finding him “in violation of vehicle codes” while he was riding a bicycle.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump posted video obtained from a security camera in a house near where Kizzee, 29, was repeatedly shot and killed instantly, TMZ reported.

Kizzee fled when Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies attempted to arrest him. It escalated into a physical showdown between Kizzee and at least one deputy.

During the fight, some items Kizzee was carrying in his jacket fell to the ground – one of which police said was a handgun. Kizzee broke free and tried to run away. The officers shot him several times and shot him dead. They fired 15 bullets at Kizzee.

Officials said Kizzee “made a move towards” the weapon and that is why they opened fire, killing him.

But a second video reviewed by The Los Angeles Times showed Kizzee walking away from the deputies moments before they shot him. This same video then shows MPs with guns fired at Kizzee’s body.

A third camera video from the front door of a neighboring resident’s home recorded the sound of 15 gunshots over a 10-second period. The video, however, did not show the actual shoot.

Crump and activists opposed to police brutality say the police were not in danger as Kizzee was fleeing and was unarmed at the time. They demand that Sheriff Alex Villanueva publish the names of the deputies who fired the shots and stop them.

“Dijon Kizzee did not deserve to be executed like this in cold blood, as he fled,” said Crump, who also represents the family of George Floyd, killed by police in Minneapolis, and Jacob blake, paralyzed after being shot seven times in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kizzee was shot in the back as he was visibly disarmed and walked away without any orders or verbal warning, according to attorney Dale Galipo.

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“Another reckless and unnecessary shootout on a person of color,” Galipo told LA TIMEs. “You have to ask yourself: how long will this last? And why does it continue, day after day, week after week? How many families are watching right now fearing that their children, their loved ones will be the next victims?

Kizzee’s death has come under scrutiny and sparked protests.

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