Dollars for Doses offers COVID vaccine incentive

CLEVELAND — As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease across the country, thousands of Ohioans are still not fully vaccinated against the virus.

What do you want to know

  • Dollars for Doses pop-up vaccination clinics offer cash in exchange for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine
  • People can receive $100 for a first dose, $50 for a second dose, or $25 for a booster shot
  • Clinics are hosted by Greater Cleveland Congregations and Centers

Health workers are using a series of pop-up vaccination clinics to close the gap in northeast Ohio by offering more of an incentive than just good health.

About 57% of people across Ohio have received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Ronny Batey received his first dose on Saturday.

“I’m ready,” she said.

She said she was waiting for divine intervention before making the move to get vaccinated. She joined dozens of others at the Imani United Church of Christ in Euclid for a pop-up vaccination clinic.

“When they asked for volunteers and places for people to get vaccinated, that’s one of the things we immediately started doing,” said Angela Bowman, event coordinator for Imani United Church. of Christ.

She said she wanted to help the community get back to normal.

“We just make it available,” she said. “And so that there can’t be this excuse, ‘We don’t know where to go or we have nowhere to go.'”

Brikelle Hicks said she has had more than 400 injections since she started administering the vaccine a few months ago.

“Because I care,” she said. “I really care.”

Hicks, a medical assistant, said she received the vaccine herself.

“I got the vaccine, no limbs fell off,” she said. “I’m healthy, I’m fine and we’re lowering the numbers so we can stop wearing these [masks].”

Money was another motivator for people getting vaccinated on Saturday.

“Even while they’re getting the shots, they’re calling family and friends,” Hicks said. “‘Come in, take that hundred dollars,’ and they’re coming.”

The clinic was part of the Dollars for Doses Series hosted by Greater Cleveland Congregations and The Centersand offered $25 to $100 per shot.

Clinics are planned in various churches until september.

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