Emphatic reaction to Neil Lennon’s astonishing attack on a ‘new breed’ of Celtic supporters

The controversial interview with Neil Lennon in The Times today in which he dabbled in a “new breed” of Celtic supporters and blamed all support for having an unhealthy obsession with the failed Ten in a Row goal, would still have resulted in a revival of the former tensions from last season and supporters wanting to respond to what the former manager said, which we have already done ourselves this morning, see below…

So let’s take a look at some of the comments Neil Lennon’s interview had, Tin Hats on for Lennon and the Celtic Board!

“Not a word about Ferencvaros, Cluj or Copenhagen. How convenient, ”Joe McHugh (Celts Video).

“Could also have fallen in home and away pumping at Sparta Prague and 7 out of 12 league points, including perhaps one of the most insipid performances in living memory against the rotten crowd,” Fundilski Mundelski.

“Neil Lennon confirms in an interview what went wrong last season, the reason we didn’t do 10 in a row and it turns out… It was me! I’m sorry the troops are bad. I paid 600 pounds for a season pass never entered once and cost us the league. I had a shock, ”Boyle.

“Neil Lennon as Tommy Burns: ‘They’re here and they’re still here, and I hate every single one of them,’” Glokta.

“Neil Lennon’s interview in The Times is exactly what we expected from Neil Lennon. Everyone’s fault except his own. The fans are to blame because they yelled at the players and poor Peter and Dermot were injured. Just melt into insignificance Neil, now is not the right time, ”McMachiavelli.

“Neil Lennon blames fans even though he was bad at his job is predictable. It must be hard to rationalize your own failure and accept your meager limitations in a profession in which you think you are your elite,” Bhoys Analytics

“Another classic from Neil Lennon. Honestly, I can’t believe I have been repeatedly harassed for refusing to show respect to a man who has continuously refused to accept responsibility and treated fans with utter contempt over the past year. So disconnected from reality, it’s scary, ”Kieran Auld.

“Today’s quotes put to bed any dewy-eyed idea that Neil Lennon was hit hard. He didn’t understand what the 10 meant; he thinks the previous success was a compromise for a dismal failure this season. The fans demand and deserve better than what he provided, ”Fitzy.

“Reading Neil Lennon’s comments this morning is like going back to January / February. It is clear that a few months away from the situation has not changed the fact that he chooses to believe his own account of the reality of what happened last season, ”Marc McArdle.

“I’m a new generation of fans, but I was at Celtic Park before Neil Lennon? Strange, ”Connor Twigg.

I loved Neil Lennon as a player. The fight, the desire, the passion. As a manager, he was sitting in the canoe with his feet up, watching us get beaten. Talks like this, living off the success of former managers without taking ownership of it is insulting and disrespectful, ”said Ashleigh.

“Whenever Celtic have a big game coming up or a player signs or a manager comes in, there is always a story in the media to belittle the club. Neil Lennon blaming everyone but himself in an interview is hardly surprising.
The fans haven’t missed the 10 neils that you and the players have done, ”Ryan Clifford.

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