Family friend defends 16-year-old accused of causing traffic accident

The family friend of a 16-year-old boy who police said hit a motorcyclist in a road rage incident said he felt bad for what had happened.

She said the boy stayed with the motorcyclist until help could come.

Toni said she has known the 16-year-old boy at the center of the incident since he was very young.

“He’s a child who is not the person they represent,” Toni said.

Tulsa police said a woman was driving north on Hwy 169 and tried to exit at 71st, but the teenager was pulling into the freeway and was not happy that she didn’t. don’t let it go.

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“He got mad, threw a water bottle at his car, she went behind him to write his tag number,” said the sergeant. Brian Collum with Tulsa Police.

Police said the teenager got off at 61st Street and was driving in the center lane when he collided with a motorcyclist trying to turn left.

Toni said the boy was scared because the woman followed him. She said it should never have happened.

“In defense of the child, I don’t think her name should be slandered because it could have been avoided if the lady had merged like a normal Good Samaritan would, all of this could have been avoided,” he said. she declared.

Toni said the teenager was so upset by what had happened that he no longer wanted to drive. She said they were all thankful that the rider is doing well.

“He could have run, he could have done a hit and run and been so scared, but he stood there in this traumatic event and was ready for its consequences,” she said.

Police issued the teenager three tickets, reckless driving, violation of his license and throwing an object from a moving vehicle.

Police said the motorcyclist was recovering from a terrible rash and gash on his head.

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