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In a controversial meeting that distilled a weeks-long fight, the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources blocked 10-10 according to party lines Thursday in approving the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning at the head of the Bureau of Land Management.

This means that an additional procedural vote will be forced before the full U.S. Senate accepts the appointment of Stone-Manning, a senior Montanan and National Wildlife Federation adviser linked to a 1989 plan to drive spikes into the trees of Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest.

But unless a Democrat splits, it looks like Stone-Manning will be confirmed, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the casting vote in a 50-50 split-party Senate. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday Stone-Manning had his full support.

Ahead of the committee vote, Republicans waved metal spikes and made accusations as they continued to denounce Stone-Manning, a former senior member of the Montana Democrats, for her role in the spikes case. ‘trees.

She was appointed by President Joe Biden to head an agency that manages 245 million acres of public land and 700 million acres of mining and plays a huge role in many western states.

An animated Jim Risch, who was a federal prosecutor in Idaho before becoming the U.S. Republican senator for the state, said Stone-Manning should be tried for perjury instead of being considered for a post in the administration.

Risch called his appointment “the biggest insult” to the BLM and its workers that he had seen in 13 years on the committee.

Democrats said she was marred by Republican attacks that ignored her long history in public life, and accused Republicans of caring more about the events of decades ago than the attack. against the United States Capitol on January 6.

Democrats and Republicans on the panel disagreed over what the trial record, testimony from a federal investigator and others involved in the case meant about Stone-Manning’s role.

Committee chairman Joe Manchin III, a West Virginia Democrat whose support has been crucial to Stone-Manning, said he took the charges against her “very seriously.” Its staff have reviewed the 1,800-page 1993 transcript of tree enrichment, a federal crime because of the damage it can cause to loggers and other forest workers.

“I could not find credible evidence in the comprehensive tree enrichment trial record that shows Ms. Stone-Manning was an eco-terrorist, that she planted trees, that she she conspired with eco-terrorists to steal trees or that she lied to the committee, ”Manchin said.

“What I find instead is compelling evidence that she has built a solid reputation over the past three decades as a dedicated public servant and problem solver who brought people together.”

Tracy Stone-Manning is President Joe Biden’s choice to lead the United States Bureau of Land Management. (Photo courtesy of the University of Montana)

Republicans criticized Stone-Manning, as they’ve been doing for weeks, for not making known what she knew about the plan to spy on the trees.

She only provided testimony from 1993 that helped convict two men for planting trees after investigators became aware of her role, which included re-entering and sending a threat letter to the US Forest Service, said Republican John Barrasso of Wyoming.

At the heart of the Republican case against Stone-Manning, she lied to the committee that she had never been the target of an investigation. Tree-hanging case investigators collected hair samples, fingerprints and other evidence from Stone-Manning, making her a target, Republicans said.

Former Forest Service investigator Michael W. Merkley wrote in a letter to the committee that Stone-Manning had received a letter telling him that she was the target of an investigation. John Blount, one of those convicted of planting the trees, said Stone-Manning was aware of the plan in advance.

A co-accused refuted this claim. The trial record shows no evidence she knew beforehand, Manchin said.

But Barrasso, who led the GOP assault, said Merkley and Blount’s accounts show Stone-Manning was not being truthful.

“The cop and the criminal agree that Tracy Stone-Manning is lying,” he said. “The cop and the criminal say she knew about the plan before the trees were planted.”

Superlatives abound

All Republicans on the committee except Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and John Hoeven of North Dakota spoke out against Stone-Manning at the meeting.

But only half of Democrats made substantive remarks, with Ron Wyden of Oregon, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada, Mark Kelly of Arizona and John Hickenlooper of Colorado speaking only to vote yes. .

Manchin noted that the meeting was among the most emotional he had seen.

Responding to Risch’s comments about perjury, Manchin said Stone-Manning’s statements had been on the legal record for years and that she had not been granted immunity from perjury charges when she was called. testified.

Waving a metal tip that could be used to plant trees, Risch said that Stone-Manning’s characterization of erring in even associating with people involved in tree planting too lightly precluded a serious act of eco-terrorism.

“You put that in a tree to kill somebody,” he said. “It is not put on for fun. This is not a Sunday school prank… It is not a mistake. A mistake is when you reach into your sock drawer in the morning and pull out two mismatched socks. It is an intentional act for which people are sent to prison, and should be. “

Senator Martin Heinrich, DN.M., said there was no evidence Stone-Manning was involved in tree planting. Instead, she built an “impeccable” record of 20 years of working with the forestry industry and others.

“I’m disgusted by what has happened in this committee, disgusted, and I will never forget it,” said Heinrich. “This is the worst example of personal injury I have ever seen on this committee.”

Panel members became more familiar with domestic terrorism – an accusation some Republicans have leveled against Stone-Manning – than they would like on January 6, and yet failed to hold onto then-President Donald Trump responsible, was stressed by Democrats.

Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Picked up this thread after Senator Steve Daines, R-Mont., Said Stone-Manning should be disqualified because she had not been honest with the committee or had expressed remorse for the role she had played. during the 1989 event.

Sanders responded that he didn’t know what happened 32 years ago, but accused Daines of lying about the 2020 election results just months ago in a statement accusing Democrats of ‘stealing the elections.

“Is this a real statement?” Sanders asked Daines. “I want to go here because we are talking about honesty, we are talking about integrity. I don’t know what happened 32 years ago… but the people in this room are undermining American democracy.

Daines supported efforts to question the presidential election results until supporters of then-President Donald Trump walked across Capitol Hill on January 6.

Daines on Thursday denied the claim by some Stone-Manning supporters that he orchestrated the campaign to oppose her nomination because she supported his Democratic opponent, then Montana governor, Steve Bullock, in the election. ‘last year.

Senator Roger Marshall, R-Kan., Called the argumentative meeting a “skunk fight.” He focused his remarks on a personal loan Stone-Manning received from a real estate developer in 2008 while working for Senator Jon Tester, D-Mont.

Marshall said the 6% interest rate and loan payment terms amounted to an inappropriate gift. Manchin replied that it complied with the federal standard in effect at the time.

Next steps

Calling the attacks on Stone-Manning “hysterical,” Schumer, of New York, told the Senate on Thursday that he would move Stone-Manning’s nomination to the floor.

Barrasso said on CNBC this week that all 50 Republican senators would oppose Stone-Manning.

But with moderates like Manchin and Tester in favor, a floor vote is likely to go party-friendly as well.

Tester told the New York Times this week that Democrats “have the voices to get it confirmed.”

It could still be weeks before the full Senate decides on the nomination.

In another recent case of a candidate who split a Senate committee, Defense Undersecretary for Politics Colin Kahl received a 13-to-13 vote in the Senate Armed Services Committee on March 24.

The Senate did not vote to discharge his nomination from the committee until April 21. It was confirmed six days later.

IMD predicts light rains this weekend, heavy rains from Monday http://acamet.org/imd-predicts-light-rains-this-weekend-heavy-rains-from-monday/ Thu, 22 Jul 2021 18:31:00 +0000 http://acamet.org/imd-predicts-light-rains-this-weekend-heavy-rains-from-monday/

New Delhi: Light to moderate precipitation, instead of the heavy precipitation forecast earlier, is expected to continue in parts of the national capital region on Friday, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Thursday, adding that intense downpours would hit the country again. city ​​Monday.

“Parts of Delhi also received light rain on Thursday and this will also continue throughout the weekend,” a senior Met official said.

The official said light to moderate rains, accompanied by thunderstorms and gusts of wind blowing at speeds of 30 to 40 km / h, will continue through Friday in isolated pockets.

On Thursday, the Safdarjung Observatory, considered the city’s official landmark, recorded a maximum temperature of 34 degrees Celsius (° C), a notch below what is considered normal for this time of year, and a minimum temperature of 25.6 ° C, which corresponds to the normal temperature.

Despite a slow start, like on July 22, Delhi closed its rainfall deficit and recorded a rainfall surplus of nearly 27%. Most of this was due to heavy rains between July 18 and July 20. From June 1 to July 22, Delhi typically receives 192mm of rain, but the city has already registered 248mm of rain this time around.

In early June, IMD predicted the onset of the southwest monsoon in northwest India, including Delhi, by June 15, which would have been the first monsoon ever. . After a series of false predictions, the monsoon finally reached Delhi on July 13 of this year, after 16 days behind its normal date.

Met officials said despite the late arrival, July is expected to see “normal to above normal” rains.

Mahesh Palawat, vice president (meteorology and climate change) of Skymet Weather, also sided with the IMD’s prediction. “The trough has moved north and now the possibility of heavy rains is from July 26. Between July 26 and 29, the city will receive good rains,” he said.

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Speakeasy-style Mahjong Bar with Dim Sum opens in Arlington http://acamet.org/speakeasy-style-mahjong-bar-with-dim-sum-opens-in-arlington/ Thu, 22 Jul 2021 16:08:06 +0000 http://acamet.org/speakeasy-style-mahjong-bar-with-dim-sum-opens-in-arlington/ Sparrow Room, a mahjong and dim sum bar, opens in Arlington (photo: mahjong night at Bun’d Up). Photograph courtesy of Bun’d Up

Bun’d Up chef Andrew Lo grew up watching his family and staff play mahjong after hours at their Cantonese dim sum restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri.

“You close the restaurant and you all play mahjong together,” Lo recalls of the friendly routine. “My family is Cantonese, and in Hong Kong you often finish a meal, remove the top of the table, and there’s a mahjong board underneath.”

Lo and Bun’d Up founder Scott Chung take the idea of ​​after-dinner games a step further for their next business: Sparrow Room, a mahjong lounge and underground bar-style dim sum bar behind Bun. ‘d Up at Pentagon Row. During the day, patrons order Taiwanese-style gua bao stuffed with fried chicken or bulgogi beef at the quick and casual restaurant. In the evening, they can head to the dimly lit 42-seat bar for games of mahjong, cocktails, and dim sum-style dishes like dumplings, beef noodles, steamed buns and cakes. with turnip.

The name Sparrow Room is reminiscent of the game’s original Chinese name: “the sound sparrows make when they approach a tree.” It reflects the sound of the tiles chirping and chatting, ”explains Lo. However, the bar will not be strictly Chinese. Lo and Chung, whose family is Korean, often pay homage to their Asian-American roots at Bun’d Up and their traveling barbecue, Wild Tiger BBQ. “I’m very Asian-American with an American accent,” Lo says. He plans to celebrate the role of mahjong in the United States, both in Asian-American culture and others.

Mahjong has a moment right now, in part because the national spotlight on AAPI culture, both positive and negative, like the Texan company owned by three white women who peddled a insensitive version of the game. But Lo considers traditional mahjong a hobby that anyone can enjoy. Lo started teaching mahjong lessons when he worked with Burmese food stall Toli Moli at Union Market. He’s already launched weekly mahjong nights on Wednesdays at Bun’d Up – the paid event ($ 30) includes a lesson, free practice time and free play, and three bao buns (cocktails are extra. ). When Sparrow Room opens, Lo says he plans to continue the classes as well as the racing tables for the experts.

“Mahjong was brought out of China at the beginning [19]20 years old, and it was rooted in the Jewish community, ”Lo says. “In the 1950s, you saw a lot of advertisements of American housewives playing mahjong at the pool. We have a lot of interest in mahjong nights from our Asian friends, and also from the Jewish community. It’s a game people have always played, but maybe they haven’t talked about it as much.

The Sparrow Room is slated to open in November. In the meantime, you can book tickets for the mahjong nights at Bun’d Up here.

1201 South. Joyce Street. Arlington.

Food Editor

Anna Spiegel covers the restaurant and bar scene in her native DC. Prior to joining Washingtonian in 2010, she attended the French Culinary Institute and the Master of Fine Arts program at Columbia University in New York City, and held various cooking and writing positions in New York and St. John, in the US Virgin Islands.

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IBM options traders bullish on earnings http://acamet.org/ibm-options-traders-bullish-on-earnings/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 13:49:29 +0000 http://acamet.org/ibm-options-traders-bullish-on-earnings/

After International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) announced that it had beaten its second quarter earnings estimate, options traders are taking action that imply they believe the stock price will rise over time. ‘to come up. This may come as a surprise given that IBM’s stock price rose less than 1% on the day the report was announced. Prior to the announcement, investors had driven down the price of the shares, with a significant number of put options in open interest.

Option trading volumes indicated that traders had bought put options and sold put options; However, options activity after earnings suggests traders are bullish that IBM may start trending higher. This is because the price action has broken resistance, while option activity involves traders selling both puts and buying calls.

A price action comparison between stock prices and options trading activity in the days following earnings shows some evidence to suggest that options traders could be cautiously bullish. IBM’s stock price fell less than 1% on earnings day, before climbing in after-hours trading and closing below its 20-day moving average the day after the announcement. In addition, both put and call options business increased. This could be happening because options traders believe IBM will find support at these high levels and not go down in the short term.

Key points to remember

  • Traders and investors bought shares of IBM after the results were announced, with the stock gaining 1.5%.
  • IBM’s share price has moved closer to its 20-day moving average, reversing the downward trend that began before the results were announced.
  • The activity of puts and calls appears to be positioned for the price to continue to rise.
  • Support and resistance levels based on volatility allow stronger downward movement than upward movement.
  • This setup creates an opportunity for traders to profit from a further increase in the share price based on earnings.

Since options trading represents the activities of investors who wish to hedge their long positions or speculators who wish to profit from the correct prediction of unforeseen movements of an underlying stock or index, their choices involve forecasting. for the coming weeks. Indeed, options trading is literally a bet on the odds of the market – a bet made by traders who are, on average, better informed than most investors. The key to maximizing this insight is to understand the context in which the price behavior took place. The chart below shows the evolution of the IBM stock price on Tuesday, showing the pattern after the earnings report.

Current trends

The one-month trend in the stock saw stocks break through support in early June and trend lower before falling less than 1% on the day of the announcement and rising 1.5% the next day. Price closed in the middle region represented by the technical studies on this chart.

The studies consist of indicators of the Keltner canal at 20 days. These describe price levels that represent a multiple of the Average True Range (ATR) for the stock. This chart helps to highlight how the price has moved, but has mostly stayed in an average range throughout the month. This price movement IBM stock implies that investors can gain confidence in IBM to move forward.


the Average True Range (ATR) has become a standard tool for describing historical volatility over time. The typical average duration used in its calculation is 10 to 20 periods, which includes two to four weeks of trading on a daily chart.

Chart watchers can recognize that traders were expecting a further decline in profits, based on IBM’s price trend approaching the bottom third of the range. Chart watchers can also form an opinion on investor expectations by paying attention to the details of options trading. Before the announcement, traders seemed to expect IBM to rise after profits.


the Keltner channel indicator displays a set of semi-parallel lines based on a 20-day simple moving average and an upper and lower line. Since the upper lines are drawn by adding a multiple of ATR to the average and the lower lines are drawn by subtracting an ATR multiple from the average price, this channel indicator makes a great visualization tool when charting. historical volatility.

Commercial activity

It is important to note that the open interest on Tuesday had nearly 287,000 calls against around 230,000 puts, demonstrating the ambivalence of option buyers, with a percentage of call and put options. almost equal. This normally implies that options traders are expecting price movement but are unsure of the direction.

After earnings, volatility decreased significantly, but the number of put options in open interest increased more than the number of calls. This indicates that the put options are being sold rather than bought, creating a bullish sentiment.

For cash strikes and a two-way street, the sell volume far exceeds the call volume. The volume of out-of-the-money put options is shrinking at a much faster rate than the volume of out-of-the-money calls, which means more traders believe IBM stock prices will fall more than those. who believe that stock prices will rise. It could also be because put options are sold more out of the money as traders don’t think the stock price will go down but are still able to grab a lower risk premium.

The purple lines on the graph are generated by a 10-day Keltner Channel study set at four times the ATR. This metric tends to create highly correlated regions of strong support and resistance in price action. These regions appear when the channel lines make a noticeable turn during the previous three months.

The levels that the bends mark are annotated in the table below. It is noteworthy in this chart that the prices of the calls and put options are in such a close range, with plenty of room on either side to operate. This suggests that option buyers don’t have a strong belief in how the company will report. A surprising report could push prices dramatically in either direction.

These support and resistance levels show a wide range of support for the price. As a result, it is possible that there will be a big upward movement in the near future. After the previous earnings announcement, IBM stock rose less than 3.8% the next day and continued the trend the following week. Investors can expect the same type of price movement in the week following this announcement. Towards the middle of the volatility range, stock prices may rise or fall more than expected in the near term; however, there is more room in the volatility range to support an upward movement.

Market impact

The effect of the IBM earnings report is important to the market due to the company’s key connection to the technology industry. IBM stocks generally move slightly after earnings, so the result does not directly affect index prices.

However, no matter what the report says, it will likely have a significant impact on stocks in the tech sector. As one of the first major tech companies to release its quarterly earnings report, IBM is helping set the tone for the industry as a whole. The market reaction to a positive report could affect the equally positive reports of other industry stocks such as Apple Inc. (AAPL), Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO). State Street’s Technology Sector Index ETF (XLK) fell 1.4% on the day the report was released, and State Street’s S&P 500 (SPY) ETF fell 1.5 %.

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A hot fitness trend among Olympians: restriction of blood flow http://acamet.org/a-hot-fitness-trend-among-olympians-restriction-of-blood-flow/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 09:00:19 +0000 http://acamet.org/a-hot-fitness-trend-among-olympians-restriction-of-blood-flow/

“It’s a good supplement to training; that’s not all your training, ”Arent said. “It provides a physiological stimulus while other things can be limited.”

Sato said he accidentally discovered the benefits of restricting blood flow over 50 years ago, during a Buddhist ceremony at a Japanese temple that required him to sit on the ground in the seiza position – knees bent with his heels under his rear end – for long periods. His calves and toes started tingling and he couldn’t take the pain after 45 minutes. When he stood up he saw his calves swell with blood and his legs looked like they were in a workout.

Sato thought that maybe there could be a connection between cutting off the blood flow to the muscles and training them. He began to tie karate belts and later bicycle inner tubes around his legs and performed a series of experiments, tracking how much the circumference of his thighs and calves would increase even when he performed fewer repetitions.

In 1973, Sato broke his ankle while skiing and restricted blood flow to the area during rehabilitation, periodically letting it in. A recovery that doctors say could take four months took little more than one.

“Pressure on, pressure on,” he said. “The benefits for training and recovery have been understood. “

For someone like Andrew, who swims thousands of meters every day, or Rupp, whose diet includes over 100 miles a week plus strength training and core work, or Noah Syndergaard, the Mets pitcher, or Mikaela Shiffrin, the ski champion, or one of the other top athletes who have started to incorporate a restriction in blood flow, the technique allows them to reduce the likelihood of a repetitive stress injury and speed up recovery time. recovery.

For Andrew, the most important part of the technique may be how strongly he believes it works. As any athletic scientist knows, placebos can often be as powerful as any drug.

“I did something like 18 races in seven days at practice, and I felt fresh,” said Andrew. “I’m sure it was because I was so disciplined with the recovery. I have used it all the time.

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Investors May Be Worried About Compass Group’s Return on Capital (LON: CPG) http://acamet.org/investors-may-be-worried-about-compass-groups-return-on-capital-lon-cpg/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 05:11:22 +0000 http://acamet.org/investors-may-be-worried-about-compass-groups-return-on-capital-lon-cpg/

If you are looking for a multi-bagger, there are a few things to look out for. In a perfect world, we would like a business to invest more capital in their business, and ideally the returns from that capital increase as well. Ultimately, this demonstrates that this is a company that is reinvesting its profits at increasing rates of return. However, after briefly reviewing the numbers, we don’t think Compass group (LON: CPG) has the makings of a multi-bagger in the future, but let’s see why it may be.

Understanding Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

Just to clarify if you’re not sure, ROCE is a measure of the pre-tax income (as a percentage) that a business earns on the capital invested in its business. To calculate this metric for Compass Group, here is the formula:

Return on capital employed = Profit before interest and taxes (EBIT) ÷ (Total assets – Current liabilities)

0.0012 = £ 11 million (£ 14 billion – £ 4.6 billion) (Based on the last twelve months up to March 2021).

So, Compass Group has a ROCE of 0.1%. In absolute terms, this is a low return and it is also below the hospitality industry average of 15%.

Check out our latest analysis for Compass Group

LSE: Employee Return on Capital CPG July 21, 2021

Above you can see how Compass Group’s current ROCE compares to its previous returns on capital, but there is little you can say about the past. If you like, you can view the analysts’ forecasts covering Compass Group here for free.

What can we say about the Compass Group ROCE trend?

We weren’t thrilled with the trend as Compass Group’s ROCE declined 100% over the past five years, while the company employed 75% more capital. This is usually not ideal, but given that Compass Group conducted a fundraiser before its last earnings announcement, it likely would have contributed, at least partially, to the increase in the capital employed figure. Compass Group has probably not yet received a full year of profit from the new funds it has raised, so these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

On a related note, Compass Group reduced its current liabilities to 33% of total assets. This could partly explain the drop in ROCE. In addition, it can reduce some aspects of the risk to the business, as the company’s suppliers or short-term creditors are now less funding its operations. Since the company essentially finances a larger portion of its operations with its own money, you could argue that this has made the company less efficient at generating ROCE.

In conclusion…

Based on the above analysis, we find it rather worrying that Compass Group returns on capital and sales have plummeted, despite the company employing more capital than five years ago. Despite this, the stock delivered a 3.5% return to shareholders who have owned it over the past five years. Either way, we don’t like trends as they are and if they persist we think you might find better investments elsewhere.

One more thing, we spotted 1 warning sign facing Compass Group that you might find interesting.

If you want to look for solid businesses with great income, check out this free list of companies with good balance sheets and impressive returns on equity.

If you are looking to trade Compass Group, open an account with the cheapest * professional approved platform, Interactive Brokers. Their clients from more than 200 countries and territories trade stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds around the world from a single integrated account.

This Simply Wall St article is general in nature. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell shares and does not take into account your goals or your financial situation. Our aim is to bring you long-term, targeted analysis based on fundamental data. Note that our analysis may not take into account the latest announcements from price sensitive companies or qualitative documents. Simply Wall St has no position in the mentioned stocks.
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Do you have any feedback on this item? Are you worried about the content? Get in touch with us directly. You can also send an email to the editorial team (at) simplywallst.com.

Whitmer veto Republican plan to end additional $ 300 in unemployment http://acamet.org/whitmer-veto-republican-plan-to-end-additional-300-in-unemployment/ Tue, 20 Jul 2021 22:18:54 +0000 http://acamet.org/whitmer-veto-republican-plan-to-end-additional-300-in-unemployment/

Unemployed Michiganders may continue to receive up to $ 662 per week in unemployment benefits, as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a Republican bill that sought to remove the additional $ 300 in weekly funding put in place by the federal government.

The $ 300 boost ends the week of September 4, although more than half of U.S. states have removed the benefits so far, in a bid to encourage people to fill jobs.

But Whitmer said in the veto letter that she was willing to cancel the benefits sooner if Republicans agreed to increase the typical weekly allowance from $ 362 to $ 422 and spend $ 1.4 billion to remedy the shortage of child care services.

Governors have the power to cancel the program on their own with 30 days’ notice, but Whitmer refused. The governor of Louisiana was the only Democratic governor to cancel federal unemployment benefits – the 25 other states to do so are led by Republicans.

Whitmer vetoed the bill on Tuesday, July 20, after sitting for four weeks after it was passed by the Michigan House and Senate.

“Ending these enhanced (unemployment insurance) benefits on July 31, as proposed by HB 4434, would drain $ 1.5 billion from our economy – money that would instead go into our local economies and support small businesses, ”Whitmer said in the letter.

The bill did not get enough votes in the legislature to go into effect immediately if approved by the governor. So even if Whitmer had signed it, the bill would not have come into effect until 2022, making it moot. Besides the additional $ 300, all other federal unemployment benefits also end in the first week of September.

Michigan fell below 500,000 weekly jobless claims on June 26 – the most recent week’s data for which data is available. This is the first time Michigan has had fewer than 500,000 claims since the start of the pandemic.

Almost 85% of claims are for temporary pandemic benefits from the federal government, with the remainder going to regular state unemployment.

Republicans and business owners criticized the additional unemployment benefits, saying they encouraged people not to work and caused a labor shortage. Democrats argue that companies have to pay more if they want to attract talent.

Michigan still has 300,000 fewer jobs than pre-pandemic levels.

“Across the country, employers are struggling to find workers to meet their needs,” Whitmer said in the veto letter. “With our rapidly growing economy, many workers are leaving for higher paying jobs, leaving staffing challenges in their wake. “


Lawmaker Plans to Investigate Mistakes, Fraud in Michigan Unemployment Agency “Disaster”

Michigan job growth has been stable since February, still 300,000 less than pre-pandemic employment

Labor shortage poses biggest question for summer travel to Michigan as restrictions lift

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What is a normal diet? – stack http://acamet.org/what-is-a-normal-diet-stack/ Tue, 20 Jul 2021 22:03:18 +0000 http://acamet.org/what-is-a-normal-diet-stack/

Traditional families are used to enjoying a hearty breakfast, lunch (at noon) and dinner (in the evening). And when women entered the workforce, eating habits changed and we started eating lighter breakfasts and lunches, with larger family-oriented dinners.

Fast forward to 2021, youth sports and the hustle and bustle of life totally disrupt dinner hours. Structured meals get lost in the shuffle.

As a result, many athletes feel confused and / or uncomfortable about their diet:

“On weekends I sleep until 11:00 am Should I have breakfast or lunch when I wake up? “

“I tend to graze instead of eating meals. I feel like I’m hungry all the time … “

“My eating habits are weird. How should I eat – what is a “normal” diet? “

The point here is to remind you how to eat “like you did when you were a young child – not to diet, not to eat“ clean ”, not to judge food as good or bad, not to starve and to starve. of frenzy. But to enjoy food as one of the pleasures in life, as well as the fuel for your active lifestyle.

I turn to authority Ellyn Satter, author of Secrets to Feeding a Healthy Family. Here’s what she has to say:

Teenage boy eating healthy lunch with friends in school dining room

What is a normal diet?

Eating normally means going to the table hungry and eating until you are full. It’s being able to choose the food you love, eat it, and really get enough of it – not stopping eating just because you think you should.

That is, did you stop having breakfast today because the oatmeal in your bowl was completely gone? Or were you really full? At the end of lunch, did you stop at your allotment of a sandwich, even though you wanted more?

If you are “still hungry” you are probably hungry; your body demands more fuel. Trust him. You will end up eating sooner or later, so please honor that hunger and eat more now.

Eating normally means being able to think through your food choices in order to get nutritious food, but not being overly suspicious and restrictive to the point of running out of pleasant food.

That is, have you put yourself in a food prison and banned “fun foods” like cookies, cupcakes, and fries for fear of overeating them? Ideally, your daily food intake is 85-90% quality foods, with 10-15% fun foods to choose from.

You don’t have to eat a perfect diet to have a great diet

Eating normally means allowing yourself to eat sometimes because you are happy, sad or bored, or simply because it feels good.

A bowl of ice cream won’t ruin your waistline or your health forever. That said, regularly abusing ice cream to distract yourself from the pain of life won’t solve any problems.

The normal diet consists mainly of three meals a day, or four or five, or it may be snacking along the way.

Most athletes need fuel at least every 3 to 4 hours. If you stop eating because you think you should, and not because you are full, you will feel the urge to graze. Solutions for unwanted grazing:

  • Eat the rest of your breakfast calories for a mid-morning snack
  • Eat lunch earlier
  • Give yourself permission to eat enough for breakfast.

Living hungry all the time slows down your quality of life, it affects athletic performance.

Eating normally is leaving cookies on the plate because you know you can have them again tomorrow, or eating more now because they taste so wonderful.

Denying yourself permission to eat a few cookies increases the urge to eat the whole plate. I call it “last chance to eat”. You know, “last chance to have cookies because tomorrow I’m going back to my cookie-free diet.” Going without cookies leads to a binge eating. Try to plan for prohibited foods every day. They will soon lose their power.

Eating normally is sometimes overeating, feeling drunk and uncomfortable. And he can sometimes be malnourished and wish you had more. Eating normally is trusting your body to fix your mistakes while eating.

Yes, even normal eaters eat too much. It’s okay to have too much birthday cake, too much Sunday brunch, too much ice cream. When competent eaters overeat, they listen to their body’s signals and notice that it takes longer for them to feel hungry again. In other words, if you have a heavy brunch, you will be less hungry that night.

Trust your body

Hunger is how your body tells you it has burned what you gave it, and now it’s ready for more fuel.

Normal eating takes some of your time and attention, but remains an important area of ​​your life.

If you spend 90 percent of your time thinking about food, you’re probably hungry all the time. If you eat until you are full, you will stop thinking about food all the time. That said, thoughts of food can be a way to distract yourself from things you don’t want to think about. In this case, speaking with an advisor can be helpful. Smothering your feelings with chocolate won’t solve any of your problems.

In short, the normal diet is flexible. It varies depending on your hunger, your schedule, how close you are to food, and how you feel.

Many athletes eat the exact same foods every day. A sports nutritionist can help add variety (more nutrients), flexibility, and more joy. Food should be one of the pleasures of life, whether in training or not. To find your local sports nutritionist, registered dietitian (RD), and certified sports dietitian (CSSD), use the referral network at www.EatRight.org.

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Questions arise about the alleged mismanagement of Hampton Co.’s CPST funds. http://acamet.org/questions-arise-about-the-alleged-mismanagement-of-hampton-co-s-cpst-funds/ Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:29:37 +0000 http://acamet.org/questions-arise-about-the-alleged-mismanagement-of-hampton-co-s-cpst-funds/

Conventional wisdom could assure you that if a banker says your pennies don’t add up, then they probably don’t add up.

Two citizens – including a longtime banker who most would consider an expert on financial matters – have publicly questioned how sales tax funds for Hampton County’s local options capital projects are being managed and request an independent audit.

Collections for the most recent CPST penny initiative in Hampton County officially ended on May 1. Widely promoted by supporters and county officials when it was designed and presented to voters in 2012, the penny sales tax plan fell well short of its potential targets in several areas.

This loophole has worried and angered many citizens, and prompted questions and allegations from others. On Monday evening, Hampton County Council provided an update on the CPST account.