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How do financing and loans work for the purchase of industrial machinery and equipment ? Having the machinery on time and in good condition is essential for the proper functioning of your company – right! Your industry depends on it and you will only be able to put your name so well positioned in the market if you are aware that everything works properly, from online marketing to commercial production and sales.

What’s more, it’s hard to compete with companies that have good machinery, because the quality of competing products tends to be better. Having equipment in place, working well, or when possible, having the latest equipment to increase business, can make the difference between winners and losers.

Financing for the purchase of machines


Often a company, especially the small and medium companies that are starting their business , can not afford the costs that a good equipment requires. Some equipment is expensive and you need to juggle to keep them running or to get them. An alternative to this deadlock is financing for machinery and loans for industrial equipment. In general, existing credit arrangements cover most types of machinery in most industries.

Loan to buy machinery – how to get it?

Loan to buy machinery - how to get it?

Many retail banks offer conditions that make it much easier to buy and rent machinery. Research with your bank, credit union or cooperatives and even crowdfunding sites, take a look at suppliers and evaluate to see which one is the best deal for you. There are several ways to get a loan to acquire your machinery and industrial equipment .
You can purchase with the support of the federal government, the National Development Bank, credit at BNDES, or with FINAME. You can also apply for this loan with private banks such as Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, Bradesco financings, Itau Unibanco, Santander among others or look for alternative financing in credit associations or specialized cooperatives.

It all depends on what you envision as being the best deal for your industry. If you decide to finance by state banks, you can do the loan in two ways:

  1. FINAME Financing – “Special Agency for Industrial Financing”
  2. BNDES Card – “National Development Bank”

Alternatives for equipment financing

The financing of equipment and machinery can be contracted by FINAME, an acronym that defines the Special Agency of Industrial Financing, it is very simple to request and to be approved. This modality can be an excellent solution for medium and large entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. You should go to a state bank, such as Caixa Federal or Banco do Brasil, to get more details.

You should know that this financing to buy machines is done if you need machinery manufactured here in Brazil, the modality does not cover international equipment. The assets to be financed must be registered in the BNDES – IFC Computer Accreditation, available for consultation on the BNDES website.

It is also possible to finance associated working capital, which may reach up to 30% of the amount financed. All very simple for you. The term of payment is also another attraction since it is well facilitated. The Term is defined according to the need of the Investment, and can reach up to 120 months total term, with up to 24 months grace period.

You can get the loan through the BNDES card . You must apply for the card at any state bank. It is designed to finance the investments of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individual microentrepreneurs (SMEs). Its interest rate is 1.35% per month, but this amount may vary. The limit of this loan is 2 million per card issued.

If you need imported industrial machinery, you can also use the Leasing service, also known by the English term leasing. In this modality, a contract is made through which the lessor or leasing company (the company that is dedicated to the exploitation of leasing) acquires a property chosen by its client. The company or entity will then rent it to the investor for a certain term.

Go to your bank and have a good chat with your manager. Study your possibilities well and finance your machinery. Your company thanks!

Calculation and Simulation of loan for machines

Calculation and Simulation of loan for machines


Total Requested (Amount in R $)


Interest Rate (per month)


Plot Value


What care to ask for a loan to buy machines

Investing in machinery and equipment is essential for the growth of any company, this type of purchase can not be opened not when it comes time to expand. However, before acquiring a commercial loan and getting into debt, you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Consider if you can afford the machinery cost and the monthly installment
  2. Check the interest rates and extra costs involved in the credit operation for financing
  3. Search all the alternatives before finally requesting the loan to purchase machinery and equipment for your industry or trade
  4. Check the cheapest way, whether by state, private bank, cooperative or collective financing platforms P2P

By taking these precautions in financing for the purchase of machinery and equipment, you will surely make a good deal. In addition to being able to buy the machinery more peacefully, you still help in the development of the country.


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