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Elliot Mayle, 1, of Malta, is building his confidence at the Beverly-Waterford Homecoming petting zoo in Dodge Park on Thursday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

BEVERLY – With blue skies and temperate weather, bursts of laughter trailed from Waterford to Dodge Park in Beverly on Thursday to kick off the annual American Legion back-to-school celebration.

“After last year, no parade and two years ago there was a rain on our parade, the weather is perfect, the booths are full, the bingo tables are full and there are again children ‘ smiled Steve Wainwright, smiling from ear to ear and still wearing the Legion uniform in the park after the parade. “We also have the best rides we’ve had in a long time.”

“THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER,” smiled Greyson Potts, 7, of Watertown, after enthusiastically descending a big yellow slide in the park. “It’s my yabba-dabba-doo face!” “

In a year without an election, Wainwright pointed out, turnout is generally lower in the parade itself.

“But wait, all the politicians will walk next year and it’s going so much slower because they have to shake all hands,” he laughed as the parade lined up.

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Hornbeck plays wrestling with Reid Jenks ahead of the return parade kick off in Beverly Waterford on Thursday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

Her daughter, Katie Tucker, noted that the event is an event without a lot of floats, but more welcoming to anyone who wants to walk and reconnect.

“Some of these people that you only see when they come home on the way home, it’s probably been two years since I’ve seen them. “ she said as she set up the Waterford Commercial and Savings Bank float with Reid Jenkins sampling a sucker or two from the truck bed.

“But it’s good to be together again, back to normal”, Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Mark Warden added as he drove the patrol car with his granddaughter in tow at the front of the parade.

“This is the first time that we have participated in the parade as a company”, said Destiny Schaad, loading two golf carts with family, staff and friends at Beverly’s new cafe, Lock 4 Coffee. “We basically wanted to go out and thank the community for all the overwhelming support they have given us. “

Other events for the return home:

Kids reconnect with their friends on rides at Dodge Park in Beverly during Coming Home Events Thursday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)


¯ 6 p.m .: Garden tractor; Mounted.

¯ 7 p.m .: Martial arts show by the Red Dragon.

¯ 7:30 p.m .: Musical entertainment by Steve and Beverly Pottmeyer.

¯ $ 100 raffle.

Greyson Potts, 7, of Watertown, descends a giant slide at Dodge Park in Beverly during reunion festivities Thursday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)


¯ 4 p.m .: Tractor: King of the asphalt.

¯ 6 p.m .: Rides.

¯ 7:30 p.m .: Musical entertainment by Sam Clark and The Dusty Boot Band.

¯ Large and small prize draw.

All-star cheerleaders share laughs at the Beverly-Waterford reunion parade on Thursday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

Source: Beverly Waterford Homecoming Committee.

Left to Right: Riley Schweikert, Rachael Adams, Lilli Schilling, Brianna Offenberger, Kambree Hanson, Brelynn Schaad, Brantley Schaad and Bentley Chichester, drive the first golf cart for Lock 4 Coffee during the return parade in Beverly-Waterford on Thursday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

The children greet the family by swirling cups of tea when they return to Beverly-Waterford in Dodge Park on Thursday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

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