Green unrest and “unnecessary” votes

“Prepare for an unnecessary election” Scum political reporter Karl Nerenberg readers warn, citing as evidence “Ottawa insiders” who, he notes, “are almost unanimous in believing” that Canadians will go to the polls “well before the end of 2021”.

It is, he asserts, a scenario that “the media and politicians talk about … in a factual and nonchalant way, (but) never mention that the very idea is, deep down, quite outrageous.” , given the continued existence of the Fixed Date Election Act, which was duly added to the Canada Elections Act in 2007, thanks to what was then a minority Conservative government led by Stephen Harper.

“The fixed date would create a level playing field between the parties, argued Harper (and many others),” Nerenberg recalls, and “would remove a tactical arrow from the ruling party’s quiver,” only for Harper to him. – even “disrespecting one’s own law” by calling an early vote a year later.

“The truth is that the political parties in power will inevitably use the tools at their disposal to their advantage, whatever the original intention of these rules”, acknowledges Nerenberg.

“Harper did it in 2008, and if the insider chorus is to be believed, (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau is now preparing to do the same, possibly as early as this summer.

Although he concedes that Harper “might have had an excuse in 2008, (seeing as he) led a minority government in a House where the other parties were all at least a little to the left of his,” Trudeau “n ‘Not even Harper’s weakness and selfish rationalization,’ as he sees it.

In the current minority configuration, the Prime Minister “needs the support of one of the three opposition parties with official status to pass any legislation”, underlines Nerenberg.

“Jagmeet Singh’s New Democrats have made it clear that they do not want to overthrow the government and force a snap election – at least not while we are waging a rearguard battle against the pandemic,” but it appears that the Liberals “are prepared to give up a good chunk of their agenda in the interest of trying to get a majority when the polls look favorable.”

Elsewhere in the Rabbleverse, Yves Engler looks at the internal party drama currently playing out within the Green Party and concludes that, while “Annamie Paul and her supporters are correct in citing racism as a determining factor in her leadership crisis, (they) have misplaced the source of responsibility. “

It is “Paul’s inability to view colonized peoples – especially Palestinians – as deserving of equal rights that is the source of his current problems,” he says.

And although he acknowledges that “as the first black female federal party leader with MPs in the House of Commons, Paul undoubtedly faced discrimination during her eight-month tenure, (her) leadership of the Greens is in crisis, due to its anti-Palestinian racism stance amid a rebellion against Israel’s ethnic cleansing and violence.

Further, he says, “as leader of the Greens, Paul also stoked sinophobia, (along with it) pushes to move the 2022 Olympics from China and hold the games in the US and Canada… on unceded Indigenous lands in British Columbia. She “also called for sanctions against China.”

Given all of this, he agrees that Paul “should face all forms of racism as leader of the Green Party, including racism against Palestinians, (for now), so far she has failed miserably. on this important issue.

In a separate room written for Canadian dimensionEngler takes aim at media coverage of the skirmish, noting that “while Paul’s deviation is clearly selfish and detrimental to equity struggles, much of the mainstream media has echoed the politician’s framing in the mind of the establishment ”.

Elsewhere in the CD lineup, contributor Rodger Moran – a “founding member of the Democratic Socialists of Canada,” according to his biography – wonders what the federal Liberals are “hiding this time around,” with their continued refusal to divulge full details of government contracts with various vaccine producers.

“Canadians are used to their governments breaking their promises, but it’s different,” he says.

“This time the Liberals are hiding information in contracts directly related to our health and well-being during a one-of-a-kind global crisis. How much have the pharmaceutical giants charged us for life-saving vaccines? What were the delivery expectations? Who failed us? How can we ensure that this does not happen again? These are all questions Canadians deserve answered, especially those who lost loved ones during the pandemic. “

More than Ricochet, Dan Darrah chronicles the continued efforts of the Canadian labor movement to pressure the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board to withdraw from the “far-right government of Brazil … lucrative program of privatization of the water, (which) was funded by nearly $ 1 billion from Canadian workers’ pension funds. “

But while “public sector unions in Canada – including the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the Public Sector Alliance of Canada – have decried the use of public funds to finance privatization and demanded a change of course… the federal government has remained silent. , he notes.

“Neither Global Affairs Canada nor Canada’s trade commissioner in Brazil responded to a request for comment,” although the same trade commissioner has previously “expressed support for (Brazilian President Jair’s) Bolsonaro’s initial announcement of reforms in the water and sanitation sector in 2020, saying they would “create more market certainty and increase market access and competition in a sector traditionally controlled by state-owned enterprises.” “

To finish, Progress of the press proves a spot fact check of ‘celebrity millionaire’ W. Brett Wilson’s latest move with fleeting social media fame, namely a ‘misleading electric car tweet’ that went viral after a push from ‘ right-hand Facebook pages ”. “

In fact, it was actually a retweet with commentary on a tweet that claimed California had “just told everyone not to charge their electric cars due to a power outage,” to which Wilson responded with a “sarcastic,” Well, shucks, ‘PP points out.

The original tweet is from @leslibless, a Twitter account that also tweets about Donald Trump, reinstating Trump as president, the FBI’s refusal to investigate Trump’s election fraud allegations, his lack of interest in the movement Black Lives Matter and the ‘worth’ of ‘pure blood’. “

As for the allegation itself, PP declares it “misleading”, noting that “although the state has suggested that electric cars not be charged during peak hours to conserve electricity temporarily due to ‘heat wave, charging after 10 p.m. is still allowed.

Trend on the right side of the Canadian activist mediaphere:

  • New rebels now has “more than 1,800 Fight the Fines customers”, but, as Rebel Commander Ezra Levant emphasizes that “1,800 cases cost a lot of money”, because they need “lawyers on the ground, ready to, in theory, carry out 1,800 trials”. Result: “So we are approaching the point where we ask ourselves a question: is there a limit to the number of clients we can take? “
  • Rebel’s legal team, however, have fallen short – at least for now, pending appeal – in their attempt to have federal quarantine policies declared unconstitutional. Although he “circled around government lawyers in cross-examination,” the judge ultimately “sided with the establishment and against the people” with a ruling that Levant believes is ” a political document designed to make this problem go away. . “
  • Meanwhile, Post-millennial writer Roberto Wakerell-Cruz offered an unusually complimentary – or, at least, not entirely critical – interpretation of Trudeau’s on-camera response to “China’s negative comments on Canada’s treatment of … indigenous peoples,” in which he “hit back Wondering where China’s truth and reconciliation commission is, although he “did not use the term ‘genocide’ in his criticism.”
  • To finish, True North News Founder Candice Malcolm wonders why “no one stands up” to the “awakened crowd (who) want to erase our history, tear our country apart and cancel Canada Day”, suggesting that this could be related to the fact that “the baseless demands of the left awakened are no longer being challenged, (as) political and media leaders allow awakened radical leftists to use Canada as a punching bag. “

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