Head Coach Frank Reich

Difficult loss. Road division game against a good team. We win as a team, we lose as a team. In the end, we have to play better. We have to play better. We always talk about winning the revenue battle, we have to find a way to win the revenue battle. It’s still a big problem. And then we just need to get a better start in attack. We need to score more points.

Do you feel like you have cards left to play on offense?

Keep grinding it. I believe in the guys we have. I believe in the process we have. We had a few flashes. We moved the ball between the 30s. So if we say we move the ball, yes, we move the ball against a really good defense between the 30s. But we weren’t – the name of the game is dots, right. We don’t score enough points. I think we have made progress in some of these areas. I think we’ve found more rhythm lately. We just have to find the end zone more.

Was Jonathan Taylor on a throwing account?

He wasn’t on a pitch count, but there was a rotation scheduled. You don’t know how the game will go at the start of the game. We talked about it – last week we had 80 offensive games without a huddle. We said, “Hey, if it’s going to be 80 games, you don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’re going to rotate the guys, rotate the receivers a little bit.” We’re going to rotate running backs, and with the way we run our offense without a huddle, I just thought it kind of made sense to give him a break in the series here or there.

Where are you with (Matt Ryan) right now?

Matt (Ryan) is our quarterback. He had both interceptions. The first one, the pick six right there, I didn’t help. I did not help him. It was a second and long call the game before, I was arguing with the official over a face mask. I got the call a little late. Normally I get the call very quickly. I got the call a little later than usual and it came across as an urgent look. He wanted to check because he knew the blitz was coming and we didn’t have time to check. It was a difficult situation to live with. Then the other I have to watch the tape on the other. It’s like you said, it’s always a collective thing. We will watch the tape carefully. I think Matt (Ryan) made good decisions. I thought the O line, I thought today’s pocket was pretty good. I mean, we had a few bags, but I thought overall the pocket was pretty good. And I thought in the running game, I thought we had shown some positive signs.

Tennessee is having a hard time with the ball in the field. The longest pass today was 20 yards. Why do you think you couldn’t do it on the pitch when they’ve dropped stuff like that in the past?

Much of the coverage they were playing. They were just playing to keep it all under. We called in some stuff to try to get it down. I have to watch the tape to be sure. We called a few shots. We called, I don’t know, four or five or more plays that could have had the potential to come down the field. But I will have to go back and assess them one by one. Honestly, I don’t know off the top of my head.

When you have to take the underside of the game all day, how much does that affect you in terms of having to be perfect and error-free?

We did pretty well last week, didn’t we? We scored 34 points against a very good defense. You are on the road. You are on the road against a very opportunistic team. You don’t have to be perfect, but you just can’t make a ton of mistakes. And we still think there are hits to be had. We still think there are hits to be had. We still think there are ways to make big plays on the field. We will continue to look for them.

Is Jonathan Taylor in a situation where you can always count on him or do you have to go back?

Him being out the last few days and inactivity was a bit of it. Like I said, we’re on the road. It’s not hot, but it was a little warmer. We had talked about it all week as staff. There wouldn’t be much rotation. It was just going to be a bit of a spin. We think this is normal. We’re going to put Nyheim (Hines) in a series. We’re going to have Deon (Jackson) in a series. It was part of the plan. We just have to be more productive in the first half to get more first downs, more chances. I think it would have taken care of itself.

What about the Titans?

Good soccer team. They are good up front, on both sides of the ball. They direct the ball. They don’t return it. They are good in situation. Our defense did a good job today in the red zone. It is the number one team in the red zone in attack. We stopped them twice there. The defense did a good job down. (Mike) Vrabel is a great coach. He was coach of the year. He was coach of the year last year, so he’s a good coach. He did a good job preparing his team. They play good football. They don’t fight. That’s been their whole MO. They don’t fight. Each team tries to play the same match. The saying goes, “You won’t win until you learn not to lose”. And so, it’s the game every week.

Why are turnovers so frequent in this first half of the season compared to past seasons?

No, you are right. It was a chore. It was tough. I don’t know what it’s been the whole time we’ve been here, but I feel like we’ve always, for the most part, been on the positive side of things. The good news is – here’s the good news for me. As bad as that sounds, and listen, I’m not looking for silver linings, but I’m also, as a head coach, you have to have a bit of a step back here. We are 3-3-1. We lost a game today which hurt. We were dominated and we were dragged. There is no excuse for this. We deserve all of this. We deserve all the negative stuff. We really do. I do. We do. But, we are 3-3-1. There’s a lot of football left. I believe in this team. I believe in our coaching staff. I believe we will get where we want to get.

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