High Performance Bit.com Exchange Improves Trading Experience and Utility with Industry Leading Unified Margin Account

New functionality improves operational and margin efficiency by allowing users to trade various products in a single account

SINGAPORE, Nov. 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bit.com, a secure, high-performance cryptocurrency exchange powered by Matrixport, announced the launch of its Unified Margin (UM) account, an enhanced trading and risk management system adopting one account solution. With a UM account, Bit.com users can optimally trade spot, margin, perpetual, futures and options trades using the same account without the need to transfer funds between multiple accounts.

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For UM accounts, user assets in different currencies are calculated in USDT value, with predetermined values haircut ratios for each currency (BTC, ETH, USDC, etc.). They are used as margin to place orders and hold positions for all trading products. This unique feature offers improvements to the users’ trading experience, as well as an optimized use of capital, compared to the traditional trading system, including:

  • Subsidized loan: Users can sell one currency or trade derivatives in multiple currencies even when the available balance of the settlement currency is insufficient. In such cases, the system will complete the transaction by borrowing as long as the total available USDT balance is sufficient.

  • Consolidated positions: Users will be able to consolidate and offset the profits and losses of several positions against each other. With this model, losses in a particular position will not necessarily trigger a forced liquidation, only when the overall risk of the account reaches critical levels.

John Ge, CEO of Bit.com said : ” .

Building on the series of risk management upgrades and user experience improvements, including the upgrade of the spot trading system in July and the launch of the ‘Portfolio Margins’ Last year, the launch of the Unified Margin Account is a testament to Bit.com’s commitment to shaping an institutional-grade exchange that enables effortless, high-performing trading experiences. Users can visit the resources page to access “One-click migration to migrate to UM account”.

About Bit.com

Bit.com is a secure and successful cryptocurrency derivatives exchange offering perpetual swaps, futures, options, and spot exchanges. Powered by Matrixport, asia The fastest growing digital asset financial services platform, bit.com is the second largest cryptocurrency options marketplace in terms of trading volume and open interest. The exchange provides institutional grade security and risk management features that ensure a superior trading experience by leveraging best-in-class liquidity.

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