Iowa corn, late last year’s soybean crop, above average

The overall progress of corn and soybeans is four to five days ahead of the five-year average.

DES MOINES, Iowa – Editor’s Note: The video above is from September 21.

Despite drought conditions throughout the state in July and August, “the harvest is proceeding very quickly this fall,” said Meaghan Anderson, field agronomist at Iowa State University Extension & Outreach in central Iowa. .

Nearly 75% of the state’s corn crop had matured by Sunday, four days ahead of the five-year average, according to the The USDA Weekly Report. The dented corn was also four days ahead of normal. For soybeans, the percentage of coloring was five days ahead of normal, while the percentage of drooping leaves was four days ahead.

The condition of corn is 59% good to excellent, while that of soybeans is 62% good to excellent.

Anderson said the main concerns for farmers this year are invasive fall armyworms, rapidly drying out crops and rising fertilizer prices.

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Cultivation progress to September 26:

Denatured corn: 97%, like last year, above average (95%)

Mature corn: 72% —lower than last year (80%), above average (64%)

Corn harvested for grain: 9% —lower than last year (11%), above average (6%)

Soy color: 95%, like last year, above average (90%)

Soybean leaves falling: 77% – below last year (81%), above average (67%)

Harvested soybeans: 18% —lower than last year (27%) above average (11%)

Corn harvested for grain: 10%

Falling soy leaves: 80%

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