‘It’s classic, vintage LeBron James on cryptic, passive-aggressive social media’: Skip Bayless slams Lakers star for backing Rams general manager Les Snead for his ‘f**k picks’ approach to winning the Super Bowl

LeBron James and the Lakers aren’t doing too well and recently the Lakers star may have shown some “controversial” support for Rams general manager Les Snead after winning the Super Bowl.

Snead’s approach to winning the Super Bowl was very different from many other teams because instead of building a team from draft picks and playing the long game, the Rams general manager had a very head-on approach. the first to sign players and swap veterans he thinks could help. they win.

The Rams have almost 0 draft capital after getting several big name players like Jalen Ramsey and Matthew Stafford, but Snead doesn’t care. He wanted to build a roster that could win at all costs, and he did just that. During the Rams’ Super Bowl parade, Snead made sure to show people he was proud of his approach, wearing a shirt that read “F**k them picks.”

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Skip Bayless slams LeBron James for praising Les Snead

This photo is where it all started. LeBron is a very big NFL fan, and he had a vested interest in the Super Bowl because on the one hand, the Cincinnati Bengals represented his home state of Ohio, while the Los Angeles Rams are from the city in which he currently plays.

In the end, he was happy regardless of the outcome. When Snead’s shirt went viral, LeBron tweeted the photo, leading to obvious speculation as to whether or not he was shooting his own way.

With the Lakers doing as badly as they are right now and the team deciding to stay put through the trade deadline, many people thought LeBron might try to take a shot at general manager Rob Pelinka, including the hater of LeBron Skip Bayless.

Of course, we have no real way of knowing if LeBron was actually shooting Pelinka or not, but it’s fun to speculate, just not like Skip does.

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