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“There were a few nerves, but it wasn’t too bad,” he said. “I think I did six rounds the first day and I had never done six rounds before in my life. I was used to amateur fighting, I was only doing three rounds, and I was thrown out for six the first day, so that was a big change.

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It was a change in more ways than one. Originally in Los Angeles to visit his father and do some boxing in hopes of earning a spot on the Irish Olympic team, Walsh impressed Roach enough that the renowned trainer suggested he stay and move on. become professional.

“I was considering going home for a while,” Walsh said. “I was trying to qualify for the Olympics, again. I came here because all the boxing clubs were closed in Ireland due to COVID. I came to visit my dad and train for a few weeks just in case – I was trying to get a box off for the place for the Olympics That’s when I showed up for the Wild Card and Freddie made me practice day one. He wanted me to stay there and train. I liked the idea of ​​going pro more, so I stayed and decided to go pro.

In December of last year, Walsh made his debut, knocking out Earl Henry in less than two minutes. And if you believe the buzz generated by this fight and the crowd that showed up, a star was born in Montebello.

“We’re really excited to be working with Callum,” said 360 Promotions boss Tom Loeffler, who will have Walsh’s second pro fight against Gael Ibarra on Thursday. UFC BATTLE PASS. “The splash he made on his professional debut was really something to behold. Having Irish fans come to Los Angeles for his professional debut was something that really impressed and surprised me.

That support has clearly been appreciated by the 21-year-old southpaw, who isn’t fazed by the attention he’s been receiving.

“Even in my last fight, the crowd that showed up just for me, maybe a normal person would have been very nervous to perform in front of all the fans and friends, but I loved it,” said he declared. “In fact, they made me feel a lot better. When I walked out into the ring and could see a hundred people by my side, just screaming for me and chanting, it gave me a boost and I was buzzing as I entered the ring.

A minute and 37 seconds later, Walsh had taken care of business, and soon he was meeting with UFC President Dana White. But don’t worry, boxing fans, he’s not joining compatriot Conor McGregor on the UFC roster.

“Certainly not yet,” he laughs.

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