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“I’m not calling him, but it’s something to watch out for,” he said. “Unless that high pressure sets in above us, we’re in a pattern where the end-of-season systems are directed to the state of Texas.”

A recent La Niña watch by the Climate Prediction Center is also a reason to keep an eye out for possible tropical weather conditions in August and September, he said.

Besides improving the tropical climate, La Ni̱a also generally means drier weather. The La Ni̱a conditions that were in place during the recent winter led to drought conditions in early spring, he said, with October Рtypically the wettest month of the year Рreceiving less than half an inch of rain, and snow and ice storms in winter. do little to help the drought conditions.

“We were getting into a pretty decent drought in early spring and then once May rolled around it seems like it’s been almost everyday for almost,” he said.

Current rainy conditions are mostly good, Winkley said, in anticipation of what could be a dry second half.

“That’s what to expect, I think, these days,” he said. “There’s some change in the climate, and I think we’re getting bigger extremes on one side or the other. So either it rains a lot or it is very dry; there is not much in-between.

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