Kaua’i boys come home to collect goods

LIHU’E – Among the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center team working Friday at the Kaua’i Resource Center were two Kaua’i boys – Bryce Kaohelauli’i from Kekaha and Flor Jay Yago from Hanapepe.

“A few of my regular guys are injured,” said ARC team leader David Chung. “These guys had to replace this trip for the first time. “

The two workers took advantage of the fact that Chung rolled up his sleeves to join the team responsible for unloading and packing unwanted or unnecessary items from residents and the organization for reuse.

“It’s only been two hours and we’ve already processed over 80 cars,” Chung said. “We have already filled a can (shipping container) and it has already been taken away. This second one is almost full, so we’re going to have to start the overflow section. “

Shantelle Rego, KRC project manager for the county, said the shipment was about normal for a monthly donation.

She has brought in new signs reflecting the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions for health and safety.

“Masks are optional,” Chung said. “But since that’s the case, we’re asking people to stay in their vehicles as they cross to reduce the risk of injury from heavy equipment in the area.”

Kahu Wayne Vidinha of Ke Akua Mana Church drove in a van loaded with almost overflowing various household items.

“We used to collect and distribute items before COVID-19,” Vidinha said. “We had to stop when the pandemic arrived for health and safety reasons. But people kept bringing stuff to church, so we think we can help others by bringing them here.

The Salvation Army RCAF’s monthly donation drive allows residents, businesses and other organizations to bring in unwanted or unnecessary items for reuse, including clothing, small furniture, children’s toys. children, books and shoes.

Clothing and textiles do not need to be in good condition. Torn or stained clothing is acceptable.

Chemicals, electronic waste, appliances and broken items are not accepted.

Residents are urged to check with their local thrift stores to see if they are able to receive donations before bringing them to the Kaua’i Resource Center.

The ARC also offers a collection service to thrift stores and businesses. Pickup appointments can be made by calling 241-4336. Those requiring door-to-door pickup services should contact Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore store at 335-6105, or RP’s Random Closet at 346-0020. RP’s Random Closet is a for-profit agency.

Chung said the ARC team will return to Kaua’i on July 30 and then on August 27. Collection hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the KRC.


Dennis fujimoto, editor and photographer, can be reached at 245-0453 or [email protected]

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