Latest updates from coach Brian Daboll ahead of MNF vs. Cowboys game

Daboll: How is everybody ? Normal Friday training today. So other than that, shoot.

Q: What happened with (wide receiver) Kadarius (Toney) yesterday? I saw that he had gone the other way.

A: It’s still his hamstring. We’re just trying to do well with the player, and he didn’t do anything for the walkthrough, so we downgraded him.

Q: Where is it for Monday?

A: He will not train today. We will meet again as we normally do after practice and sit down with (Senior Vice President, Medical Services/Head Athletic Coach) Ronnie (Barnes) and the medical staff. We usually do it on the Friday after practice when we make our final decisions on the injury report.

Q: You took guys – of course I can’t think of who, maybe (outside linebacker) Kayvon (Thibodeaux) – until Game Day Week 1. Will you do that with Kadarius, or do you think you’ll find out today anyway?

A: I think whoever is injured, we try if we think there is maybe a chance, maybe there is no chance. Again, these discussions take place after this practice, after undergoing rehabilitation sessions or light work on the practice field. And if they can’t go, they can’t go. But (we) try to keep hope alive for as long as possible to see if these guys can go.

Q: Would you be ok with a guy not training for a normal week, say Thursday, Friday, and playing it Monday or Sunday?

A: Hard usually. Yes, it is generally difficult. I think it’s case by case. That’s how we’ll take this one.

Q: Do you have any sense of excitement about Kayvon and (outside linebacker) Azeez (Ojulari) being on the field for the first time if so? As a coach, do you have any anticipation of what this might look like?

A: Nope. I’m happy for the players that they are improving. I have been hopeful for the past two weeks. They are two good players for us. You would like to have all the players available. So I’m excited if they’re ready to go. It will be nice to have them there.

Q: Where do you stand at the opposite corner (cornerback) Adoree’ (Jackson)? Because obviously (cornerback Cor’Dale) Flott started the game; (defensive back) Fabian (Moreau) finished it.

A: These decisions, too, we will go through today’s practice; and then we sit down as a team and all these things that we still have to talk about, which I would say I have confidence in the guys playing opposite him. It could be both, or it could be one of them. But we’ll skip today’s practice and then we’ll talk about it.

Q: You’re going to have to start doing those press briefings later today on Friday, huh?

A: Nope. Now is the perfect time.

Q: You have played many great matches in your life. Does that qualify as a big game in your mind?

A: Well, it’s the start of the regular season, so again, we’re focused on what we can do better. I’ve said it before: it’s always cool to play Monday night, a division game. But it’s next right now, and we’re at the start of the season.

Q: Are you aware of the statistic (that) the difference between a 2-0 and 3-0 start among teams going to the playoffs jumps 25%?

A: I leave that to you guys. I don’t think we can get involved in that. We need to focus on what we need to do this week against the team that held (Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom) Brady and (Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe) Burrow within 20 points per game, under 200 passing yards, played very well defensively and their quarterback did a good job last week doing what he had to do to win the game.

Q: Do you block it or quench it? And it’s the same for your players: do you want them to block or soak up the excitement around the Giants right now? Because 2-0 for these fans is like 10-0 after the last five years.

A: I think when you win a game, it’s hard to win a game in the National Football League, and you should feel good when you win a game. And then you should be able to turn the page quickly. The same if you win another one; I don’t think you can go too high or go too low if things don’t go your way. You have to keep doing the things that we think we should do every week. Make sure we’re ready. The matches are difficult on Sunday or Monday. Things will happen. But we really need to focus on the things we can control. The last game, the next game, it really has nothing to do with it.

Q: Shep (wide receiver Sterling Shepard) made a comment after the game; I think he said, “Everybody’s always trying to figure out where to line up.” It’s probably too much for your taste. What are you doing this week to clear up some of that pre-snap confusion.

A: You keep building on it. You keep building on it. There will be some at the start of the season. The more you are together, the fewer there are usually. You do the same. You go through it, you prep it, and you scale things down if you need to scale things down. And then you come here and make sure they do it right. If you need to repeat it, you repeat it. Hopefully, as you continue to build the system, under the pressure of each of these games, each week it improves.

Q: Feliciano expressed the same kind of things and was frustrated with the way things went offensively, especially in the first half. Did you get that feeling from the offensive unit all week that “Hey, we won a game, but we didn’t…”?

A: I think you get it – again, after doing this for a while – it’s never going to be perfect. You fix the things you can fix, whether it’s on defence, special teams, offense. And you work there during the week. You focus on the things that weren’t as good as they should have been, and then you try to build on the ones that were and stay as consistent as possible.

Q: How many adjustments or changes are you making? I mean the attack in the first half.

Q: How many edits do you make in terms of process or anything else? Is there anything you can do? The first-half attack was rather stagnant for the first few weeks; in the second half, you were much better.

A: You are consistent with your approach. But you always make adjustments, whether it’s training plans, training periods, how you train at the start of the play, reviews on Saturdays. Again, whether it’s going really well or not as well as you’d like, I think that’s the job I have to do and then communicate that to the coaches. And they have their say. Not just starting out slow, which we obviously don’t want to do, but really every aspect of the game. So every week you come into the game and feel ready. You feel like you did the right thing to prepare your team. They understand what we have to do. And then it’s Monday again (after a Sunday game), you’re still analyzing what you’re doing. This will not change.

Q: What was it like from week 1 to week 2, now week 3 – those changes?

A: It’s also small things. These are different periods of practice. Maybe it’s adding another rep. It is the communication with the staff. You’re always self-analyzing, self-evaluating, or self-scouting, not just plays you’ve called, downs, and distances, but really the whole planning process that’s going on all the time. throughout the week.

Q: Did you change it much then?

A: Nope. You just change the little things here and there. We believe in what we do. We believe in our process. We believe in our preparation. But it’s by no means perfect. So you are always trying to improve yourself. This is what you must do.

Q: There was a segment this week on NFL Live that said the (Carolina) Panthers inform their plays based on where (running back) Christian McCaffery lines up in the backfield. So I have two questions. A – did you feel like you knew what they were doing? And second, how aware are you of reporting your games as an infraction? Or is it more of a baseball thing?

A: I think you always self-scout. I watch a lot throughout the week on both sides and in the kicking game. You are always trying to gain a competitive advantage. You can go through a scouting report and talk about trends or things like that. In the heat of the moment, do I think it matters? Yeah. But unless something is 100% or in the 90s (or) 80s, you can also say too much to a player, where he thinks, “Look for that”. And remember this. Do this. You want to let them use their skills and play fast.

Q: With Leo (defensive lineman Leonard Williams), is it a discussion after practice before we can say where he is?

A: Discussion after practice. Yeah.

Q: So let’s say he can’t play. He obviously plays a ton of cliches. He plays very well. How are you gonna plug the guy in there? Does (defensive lineman) Dexter (Lawrence) need to do more? How would you compensate if he is absent?

A: I’d say all the guys in that D-line room are good to go if that’s the case. We try to use those big players – you try to use as many guys as possible to keep them fresh throughout a game. If this is a case where Leo can’t go, then these guys will be ready to go. Obviously, Leo is a very good player. But every guy we have on the roster, we expect him to be ready to go.

Q: What have you seen from Kayvon and Azeez this week?

A: Improvement. They have taken good steps. I think they are much better than they were the week before. I hope they have a good day here, and we’re going in the right direction with these guys.

Q: Barring a setback, are you confident they should be ready by Monday?

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