Lionel Messi’s ‘free kick’ for Barca in 2019 is one of football’s most unique goals

Lionel Messi is the choice of many people for the greatest male footballer of all time.

However, even if Diego Maradona, Pelé, Cristiano Ronaldo or some other legend is your GOAT of choice, then surely we can all agree that Messi is the best male player in Barcelona history?

Messi has made more appearances than anyone in the famous red and blue stripes over 778 outings and it’s no secret that his record 672 goals for the club blew his ancestors away.

Barcelona GOAT

Pair that with four Champions League titles, 10 La Liga crowns and six Ballon d’Or plaques during his time in Catalonia and Messi’s number one status is simply undeniable.

Unfortunately, the elephant in the room is that Messi is no longer plying his trade at Camp Nou, with the 34-year-old reluctant to leave the club this summer due to the ongoing financial crisis.

However, if there are any positives that we can take from the book’s closing on his Barcelona career, it’s the fact that we can look at him with a greater degree of purpose and perspective.

So do us a favor while we take a moment to celebrate Messi’s iconic time with the Blaugrana for a few minutes, because sometimes there is nothing better than picking a spectacular goal from your safe.

And as far as we can explain to you his wonderful goal against Getafe or his spectacular run in the 2015 Copa del Rey final, it is often the hidden gems in his catalog that are most worth revisiting.

Reaction to Chelsea’s 2-0 match at Tottenham (terrace football)

Messi’s iconic ‘Panenka free kick’

With that in mind, let’s go back to 2019, when Messi perfected what was widely referred to as a ‘Panenka free kick’ with a stunning goal in Barcelona’s 2-0 win over Espanyol.

The goal nickname is also really justified, as the way Messi beautifully threw the free kick so skillfully towards the center of the goal was really reminiscent of a Panenka penalty.

While it certainly isn’t a lens without its imperfections, the uniqueness and boldness of the typing makes it indefinitely revisable, so be sure to relieve the typing in all its glory at the bottom:

Is it getting more badass than that?

Perfect imperfections

So of course we are well aware that you have to deflect Victor Sanchez’s header before you find the net and Messi has already managed similar free kicks against Atletico Madrid and Almeria.

However, not only Espanyol’s goal marked the moment he perfected the ‘Panenka free kick’ approach, but come on, folks, let’s not part with such a beautifully daring finish.

As someone you love a lot, accept imperfections because if you didn’t stop dead in the tracks when you first saw Messi succeed, we’re not sure you’re human.

He may not be among Messi’s greatest goals for Barcelona, ​​but you can be assured that he is among the most unique, spectacular and daring goals in football history.


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