Marauders win both cross-country team titles

Mount Vernon’s Tristan Trevino (left) passes teammate Austin Rush (right) just yards from the finish line to secure first place in the Hancock County Cross Country Championships at Eastern Hancock High School Tuesday, September 21, 2021 (Rob Baker / reporter)

CHARLOTTESVILLE – They ran together.

They won together.

With the threat of inclement weather, coaches and officials at Tuesday’s Hancock County Cross Country Championships at Eastern Hancock High School opted to run the boys and girls races simultaneously.

For the 13th and third time in a row, the Mt. Vernon men’s team won the first place trophy. The Mt. Vernon women’s team did as well, ending a four-year streak of titles by New Palestine.

The Marauder boys got a perfect score of 15. Greenfield-Central, who chose to retire from some of their college runners, was far second at 67. New Palestine had 70 and Eastern Hancock scored 97.

“It’s the smallest competition we’ve had in the whole year, but in size it’s a big deal,” said Mt. Vernon boys head coach Bruce Kendall.

On the girls’ side, Mt. Vernon edged the four-time defending champions by five points, 25-30. Greenfield-Central was third at 76. Eastern Hancock didn’t have enough runners for a team score.

“It’s nice to be able to win when I wouldn’t have considered it a good night for us,” said Mt. Vernon coach Kean Coy. “I am happy to win. It takes us away from that monkey until losing to New Pal for the last few years in a row. It’s good to win, but I feel like we now have a target on the back as well. “

For the second year in a row, the MV boys saw their seven college runners do all the counties (top 10), but that was all new for Tristan Trevino, the individual race champion.

A transfer student from Lawrence Central, Trevino, a junior, was recently cleared to participate in college races. He is 1 to 1, edging his teammate Austin Rush at the finish line.

“He’s run all those races (JV) and never had a crowd around him,” Kendall said of Trevino. “He did a great job. A great victory for him.

Trevino crossed in 16 minutes, 58 seconds, just ahead of Rush who finished in 16:59.

“It feels good. I’m really happy to have been able to participate in university races with my team and to finally be part of it, ”said Trevino. “I ran a lot better (having other runners with me). Running alone is hard to find a good rhythm, and I get fickle. When I was running with my team I felt very good and normal. I felt it was a very good race.

Mt. Vernon had the top six. Rush was followed by Joseph Blagrave (3rd, 17:03), Colin Strachman (4th, 17:28), Reyce Morgan (5th, 17:38) and Samuel Wilson (6th, 17:53).

Eastern Hancock frosh Preston Markley and New Palestine senior Colin Darley broke the Marauders field by finishing seventh and eighth respectively. College County Champion last year, Markley finished the 5K race in 18:10. Darley crossed the line at 6:15 p.m.

Mt. Vernon frosh Landon Willis (18:22) and Lucas Tutrow of Greenfield-Central (18:23) completed the field of all counties.

Greenfield-Central coach Aaron Smith said he was missing a few runners and also chose to rest other members of the varsity team for Tuesday’s race.

“We decided (with a few) that there was no interest and sat down for the subsequent races,” said Smith. “We want to make sure we’re ready to go at the end of the season… We knew we weren’t going to be very competitive today.

The tag team title streak has come to an end for the New Pal girls, but individual supremacy continues.

Senior Dragon Emma Mann was the only runner to complete the 5K in under 20 minutes. She paced the girls’ peloton with a time of 19:48.

Her former teammate Brenna Shaw, now at Purdue, has won the county competition for the past four years.

“It’s so exciting,” said Mann, a senior, of the county’s individual title win. She placed second behind Shaw in second year. “I’ve been training for this for four years. It’s so exciting for me.

“I just think it’s amazing (a runner from New Palestine won, again). As a team we work really, really hard and my teammates, girls and boys, really pushed me to be the best I can be. “

Mann said running boys and girls at the same time helped her. She didn’t feel the pressure to run in front, and she got an extra boost from her male teammates.

“I really enjoyed it and enjoyed being pushed by the guys team,” Mann added. “I didn’t feel the pressure of having to lead the race. I felt I could be directed and they really did a good job helping me. They are very good motivators.

Mt. Vernon and New Palestine each had five runners from all counties.

The Marauders were led by 2-3 of Lydia Carrell (20:11) and Morgan Tharp (20:25). Mt. Vernon also grabbed the fifth, seventh and eighth with Alexandria Jenson (21:38), Melinda Cornelius (22:02) and Emma Gale (22:16).

“Our second (mile), we just let too many gaps develop,” Coy added. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy we won and happy to have five daughters (the whole county). New Pal is a good team.

Following Mann for the Dragons were: Courtney Study (4th, 9:00 p.m.), Caitlin Urrutia (6th, 9:54 p.m.), Lexi Baynes (9th, 10:32 p.m.) and Jocelynn Flagle (10th, 10:39 p.m.).

Eastern Hancock’s top finisher was rookie Olivia Evans who placed 12th in 23:05. Like her teammate Markley, she was the 2020 College County Champion.

The top runner in Greenfield-Central was Emma Bogle, who finished 13th, finishing her race in 23:16.

2021 Hancock County Cross Country Championship

Results Boys

Team scores: Mt. Vernon 15, Greenfield-Central 67, New Palestine 70, Eastern Hancock 97

All counties (Top 10)

Location; Name, School; Time (5K)

1.; Tristan Trevino, Mount Vernon; 16:58

2.; Austin Rush, Mount Vernon; 16:59

3.; Joseph Blagrave, Mont Vernon; 17:03

4.; Colin Strachman, Mount Vernon; 17:28

5.; Reyce Morgan, Mount Vernon; 17:38

6.; Samuel Wilson, Mont Vernon; 17:53

7.; Preston Markley, Eastern Hancock; 18:10

8.; Colin Darley, New Palestine; 6:15 p.m.

9.; Landon Willis, Mont Vernon; 18:22

10.; Lucas Tutrow, Greenfield-Central; 18:23

Results Girls

Team scores: Mt. Vernon 25, New Palestine 30, Greenfield-Central 76, Eastern Hancock incomplete

All counties (Top 10)

Location; Name, School; Time (5K)

1.; Emma Mann; New Palestine; 19:48

2.; Lydia Carrell; Mt. Vernon; 20:11

3.; Morgan Tharp; Mt. Vernon; 20:25

4.; Courtney Study; New Palestine; 9:00 p.m.

5.; Alexandria Jenson; Mt. Vernon; 21:38

6.; Caitlin Urrutia; New Palestine; 21:54

7.; Melinda Cornelius; Mt. Vernon; 22:02

8.; Emma Gale; Mt. Vernon; 22:16

9.; Lexi Baynes; New Palestine; 22:32

10.; Jocelynn Flagle; New Palestine; 22:39

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