“Normal marketing for our late apricots”

“We have reached 80% of the apricot campaign and we are currently harvesting late varieties. The quality is excellent and the feedback is good. We could say that this phase has no peaks – neither negative nor positive – and the campaign will end on August 10″, reports Natalino Gallo, president of the Organizazione di produttori Agricor of Corigliano-Rossano (CS), owner of Gallo brand.

The Op Agricor season started in mid-May with very limited volumes and a precise choice: wait a few days and not be the first on the market, also reduce turnover, “but focus on supplying fruit that taste like real apricots”.

Nelson variety (photo provided by Natalino Gallo)

“We have managed to cope with the general rise in prices and the effects of climate change. The main problem, however, has been the lack of labor (skilled and unskilled): we are no longer selecting staff, we are looking for simply people who want For example, in August we had planned to expand our varietal range and plant new orchards, but we were unable to do so due to the lack of manpower.

“I think a cultural revolution is needed in this country to find a solution to this serious obstacle. Either we tackle this problem or many businesses risk closing. We should reward those who work, not those who stay at home. them with unemployment benefits or ‘citizenship income’.”

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