Opening of a new chocolate and confectionery store in Cudahy for Valentine’s Day 2022

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Cudahy is indulging in “chocolate land” with a new candy called Creative Cravings.

The idea for the shop dates back to when Cassi Turner of Caledonia started drawing treats with edible paint for her daughter’s birthday parties.

“I consider myself creative, I can draw anything I look at,” she said.

From there, compliments started pouring in on her screens – and how good they were. Soon her family and friends were asking her to create custom confections for them. Turner decided to change careers and she quit her job at We Energies to open gourmet “chocolate country,” Creative Cravings, at 4770 S. Packard Ave.

“I just left my nine-to-five business,” she said. “I was so scared, but it’s something I really enjoy doing. It doesn’t feel like work.

Creative Cravings will have a soft opening from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on February 4 and will follow normal office hours after noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Turner said she would be open on holidays like Valentine’s Day if they fell on her normal days off.

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Turner is the only decorator, but she will be working with her younger cousin at the shop and plans to train her.

What’s for sale?

While there are pre-made products for sale, Turner said she also accepts custom orders. A book of his past work is available to offer suggestions.

“I can literally do anything you give me,” she said, recalling a recent order where she made mini tacos out of crispy rice treats for a fiesta party.

Cassi Turner of Caledonia opens Creative Cravings, a

Prices range from $1 for pretzel sticks all the way up to $14 for a cheesecake salad to share, which is a mix of sliced ​​strawberries, green and purple grapes, and cheesecake bites topped with a drizzle of white chocolate. Turner will also offer a loyalty program where every tenth purchase earns a free cup of cheesecake.

Other offerings include both caramel apples and stuffed apples, fruit cups, various other forms of cheesecake, chocolate bark, and homemade lemonade.

“High end and expensive chocolate”

Turner saw the location listed on Craigslist while looking for a space. At first she thought it was a scam.

“It felt like something too good to be true,” she said.

There are two parts to the building: the front is a bakery and the back is a kitchen. Turner said she only uses premium chocolate, mostly Ghirardelli. The retail space is highlighted by a chocolate fountain with Belgian Sephra chocolate where customers can dip their own treats.

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“It’s premium, more expensive chocolate,” Turner said. “I just want to have good quality.”

Turner also has a warehouse at the back of the building that she plans to turn into a wholesale area for equipment and ingredients, as well as a space for classes on how to dip treats, for kids. local bakers.

“A lot of people are interested in learning,” she said.

Cassi Turner of Caledonia opens Creative Cravings, a

Cudahy ‘needs more business’

Cudahy is “a community that needs more businesses,” Turner said. When she first announced she would be coming to town in a Facebook group, the response was “super overwhelming.”

“I’ve had people stop by the store for the last month every day, they ask when we open,” she said.

Turner is demanding with her presentation of chocolate creations and with the building that houses them. The structure sat vacant for a while and she said a lot of money had to be invested in it.

“I worked so hard on this building that it had to be perfect, otherwise I’m not satisfied,” she said. “Several plumbers ran out of my money.”

Despite the demise of her contractors, Turner managed to finish the space to meet her ultimate opening deadline of February 2022. She signed her lease in July 2021.

“That was the goal, to open before Valentine’s Day,” she said, adding that she originally hoped to open in December.

A big name in Cudahy when it comes to sweets is Jennifer Clark from Jen’s sweet treats, which is just below Creative Cravings. Turner said that before signing her lease, she looked at Clark’s menu to make sure they weren’t selling the exact same things.

“We will feed off each other,” Turner said.

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