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KNOXVILLE – The stage was set at Ken Locke Stadium on Thursday night for a first round soccer game between the Panthers and Indians. The boys on the pitch did not disappoint as the thrilling match ended in a penalty shootout, where Oskaloosa emerged victorious 2-1.

The first half started with Mother Nature drenching the pitch, but when the rain stopped the energy in the stadium picked up. The two teams traded shots and saves early with neither team gaining the advantage. With 21 minutes remaining, the Panthers (9-8) almost struck first but were denied at the net by Indian goaltender Landon Briggs.

Oskaloosa (11-6) would respond to the threat by setting up a Brennan Mason shot that was fired by Panther goaltender Carson Irving. It would be Osky’s last look in the first half, as their defense is expected to strengthen.

With three minutes to go in the first, a nice assist from Knoxville’s Keegan Cox set up Kyle Davis. Davis took the hit, barely scratching it on the top crossbar.

Soon after, Knoxville almost took advantage of an Indian defensive error, but once again the shot narrowly missed.

The game would remain tied at zero before half-time.

The goalkeepers would trade saves again to start the first half, with Oskaloosa shooting 35 minutes to go and Knoxville with 25 to play.

After that moment, Knoxville would keep the ball to a close making several threats, one shot was saved by Briggs and another narrowly missed. Just when it looked like Knoxville had missed all their chances, they took a break by forcing a foul into the box, setting up a penalty.

The penalty was sent home by Emmett Schmidt, giving the Panthers a lead and blowing the crowd 15 minutes from time.

Just five minutes later, Osky’s desperate attack would put pressure on the hosts leading to another penalty in the box. This one was forced by Osky’s Dalton Plate attacking a loose ball and collided with Irving.

Carson Genskow would step up to take the PK for the Indians. He put the ball in the lower right of the net, tying the game to one.

The next ten minutes of regulation were utter chaos as the intense, physical play came at a critical juncture.

The Panthers nearly took the lead, but Jack Perkins’ pretty shot hit the top crossbar and bounced back. The Panthers would get another tight check and force Briggs to make two saves, one in the final 30 seconds, but the Indians would hang on, forcing overtime.

The overtime would start with a nice dive save from Irving, which was quickly followed by a save from Briggs.

With three minutes remaining, Plate would almost win for the Indians as he put pressure on the goalkeeper again, this time as Irving tossed the ball from the ground, Plate deflected it with his back towards the open net. . The ball was rolling just slowly enough that Irving could run and catch it before he reached the goal.

The Panthers would take the relief of still being alive and push the ball down. While at their end, they forced an Osky defender to kick the ball to his own net. The deflection was intended for the back of the net but was barely repelled by a Briggs diver.

Now the Indians could catch their breath and launch their own threat in the last minute. This threat seemed to be the winner for Osky as Genskow received the ball with space downstream. He passed the last defenseman and passed Irving with a nice shot. With no one but the net in front of him, he took the shot and smashed the crossbar in the top right, keeping the Panthers alive.

The drama eased slightly in the second overtime because neither of the two defenses gave up an inch, a shootout would be necessary to decide this one.

The Panthers shot first and missed, hitting the crossbar. Irving was there to get his team back right after as he made a nice diving save on Osky’s first shot.

Bryce Metier would step up to take the second shot for Knoxville, he sent it into the back of the net giving Knoxville the advantage.

Plate came on for Osky and immediately equalized the shootout, keeping the pressure on the Panthers.

On the third shot, Briggs would make his biggest stop of the night. The goalkeeper dove to his left and narrowly stopped a ball heading towards the back of the net.

The Indians would then take the lead as Lawson Morris drilled one into the net.

Isaac Bobby Schmidt would respond for the Panthers, making the game interesting.

On Osky’s fourth shot, Salvador Gonzalez would give them a 3-2 shootout lead, forcing the Panthers to hit the next shot.

Knoxville’s final shot was shot high, giving the Indians the victory and their only lead of the night.

Both teams have left everything on the pitch, but Oskaloosa will advance to face seeded Bondurant-Farrar on Monday night at 6:30 p.m. at Bondurant-Farrar High School. The Indians have won four straight games and six of their last seven games.

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