Paradiso returns to normal after a fire that caused hundreds of thousands of damage

(Fargo, ND) — After a few days of uncertainty, things are getting back to normal at a popular restaurant following a knockout from a fire last week.

Mexican restaurant Paradiso officially reopened on March 27 after a fire engulfed the building’s facade, causing more damage than management originally thought.

“Certainly I didn’t think it was as bad as it was,” branch manager Neil Clause said on WDAY Midday. “We continued to find more issues with the cleaning process which extended our closure by a few days.”

Clause says the good news is that community support was pouring in with questions about the popular restaurant.

“We’re still getting calls from people asking if we’re still open,” Clause said. “The good news is that our customers won’t be too affected by what happened here.”

As for the renovations, Clause says things should be finished in about three months, but once you walk into the restaurant you can barely tell there’s been any damage.

“The only thing you might notice is a very faint smell of smoke, much like a campfire.” Clause adds that he’s just happy that his employees, who had a little break with the temporary closure, are back and continuing to work hard to serve the people of the Red River Valley.

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