Peterborough United are the most welcome of the Championship visitors, faster. more mobile and talented forwards as well as tough defenders were needed, the use of substitutes was key, and would a break from Covid help Posh?

Jorge Grant of Peterborough United plays the ball against Blackpool. Photo: Joe Dent /

Blackpool, who proposed Posh last season, hadn’t won in seven games, had lost their previous three and hadn’t scored in the last four. A win for Posh, and they even got the boost of an early goal, and they would be just five points behind a seemingly plummeting team mid-season.

Instead, to the surprise of any regular Posh traveler, the hosts fought back to win 3-1. They had only scored three goals in their previous seven matches. They scored three here with just 40% possession, including two back-to-back in the final stages of the competition. Blackpool also created a few big chances which went to beg as Posh overplayed and displayed lack of quality as soon as he approached the home penalty area to make sure, just like at Preston, Sheffield United, Middlesbrough and Reading, they helped improve the mood. teams in difficulty.

If Posh can’t win at Blackpool in a game where the first goal should have been crucial, where will they win? Barnsley on Easter Monday is the only possibility unless there is a big change in the level of performance.

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Peterborough United’s Siriki Dembele (right) celebrates scoring the game’s opening goal with his teammates at Blackpool. Photo: Joe Dent /

1) Posh has performed well here, certainly by their own standards away from home. As Blackpool boss Neil Critchley said after the game the midfielder diamond is suitable for chic midfielders and they took possession of the second half, but unless a few attackers with a pace and an ability does arrive to help Siriki Dembele, the fight looks set to continue. . After his victorious exploits on the bench in the previous game and the general ineffectiveness of Sammie Szmodics, it was understandable that the manager chose Jonson Clarke-Harris to start this game up front, but he stops as many attacks as he does. it improves and lacks the mobility to run behind or climb to the end of the crosses. Jack Taylor passed him in an attempt to reach the superb late cross from substitute Kwame Poku when fatigue could have been a factor.

2) Blackpool boss Critchley made two substitutions with 20 minutes remaining as his side struggled to make an impact in the second half. Fresh legs allowed for a better press and both players scored. Posh, despite their possession, rarely looked like a goal and yet only made one substitution. Szmodics, Joe Ward and Joel Randall all offer something different and all can run around and shut down defenders which, on an uncertain playing surface, would surely have created more problems for the home defense. Posh was outdone 15-9 and only two attempts were on target, the goal and a header from Taylor in the 95th and final minute. A regular growl this season.

3) The diamond should stay, but it is certainly an option to trade the positions of Taylor and Jorge Grant. Taylor doesn’t seem to like playing back to goal at the forefront of the roster and his assists were generally poor yesterday. His athleticism could serve him and the team on the right better, with Grant’s superior technique and passing ability more helpful closer to the opposing goal.

Josh Knight of Peterborough United in action with James Husband of Blackpool. Photo: Joe Dent /

4) A 1-1 draw would have been a satisfying comeback. He would have maintained the momentum of the previous weekend and in this case would have reduced the gap on Hull (still the team most likely to be caught by Posh) to three points. Blackpool’s second goal four minutes to go started with a very lucky deflection in Keshi Anderson’s path before Sonny Carey scored his first senior goal, but where was the marking? Who was following the runner? Who was close enough to block the shot? It was a late mental collapse inevitably compounded by a terrible loss of possession in a danger zone for third base. Full-back Posh were regularly exposed by a 4-4-2 formation. The ball goes past Nathan Thompson too often, while Joe Tomlinson is a player who learns his trade on a brutal level and found Everton lender Josh Bowler a real handful in the first half. Center-backs Josh Knight and Ronnie Edwards passed the ball really well yesterday – the first ball deep for Dembele’s goal was a beauty – but lousy defense is also a necessity, as is the composure to see a game end.

5) Posh will leave the last three if they beat Reading at home on Boxing Day, if that game goes on of course. A delay would be good and bad for Posh. They have two games left against the bottom half teams this year (they are due to travel to Birmingham on December 29) before embarking on a horrendous schedule in January, so they should be keen to play them. On the other hand, if new signings arrive to refresh and strengthen the squad in January, they could play two more games. All in all, Posh should probably do everything possible to continue.

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