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Following the Allan McGregor vs Joe Hart debate over who’s the best we touched on earlier, former Rangers skipper Barry Ferguson has named the best goalie he’s played with in his career.

The hero of the Gers had two spells in Ibrox where he played with names like McGregor, Andy Goram and Stefan Klos.

Barry Ferguson has played with quality goalies throughout his career.

And away from Glasgow, he has also played alongside some of the best shooters.

But she’s another Rangers icon he considers the best of the bunch.

He told Go Radio: “To be honest with you, I played with some fantastic goalies: Stefan Klos, Brad Friedel, Ben Foster, Andy Goram.

“But it’s Allan McGregor.

“I remember when he came through the ranks at 15, playing three years above his level.

“So I saw the potential and liked the way he did it. He was having a hard time making the team with Stefan Klos so he went to Dunfermline and St Johnstone and learned his trade.

“It’s good to see young players doing that, going out and playing and getting experience and that’s what Allan McGregor did.”

Ferguson shared how he knew McGregor had something of an X factor when he saw him scream and bawl at the stars of the Rangers first team – despite his teenage years.

He said: “He was just fantastic. I was like, ‘Who is this young kid?’ because even at that age he was screaming and yelling at players.

“I knew he had something.

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