Roarers put the cap on the spring with QB, the hit depth is displayed

May 29 – The score 43-36 in favor of the black team, or the defensive unit, ended Travis Hill’s first spring behind the bar at Muskogee at Indian Bowl on Friday night.

It was not the highlight of his spring, however.

“The first thing we wanted to do was live healthy and we did it,” Hill said. “Secondly, from start to finish, I think we’ve really improved ourselves, and the movie will show us more details on tonight.”

The third thing had less to do with X’s and Bones.

“The attitude, doing the right things, all that stuff you say right, it’s not about football, we learn to do the right skills there, which will make them good football players.” Hill said. “As a group, I am proud of what we have done.”

On the pitch, three quarters have had moments. Several new receivers did too, and the defense stood out.

Outgoing quarterback Walker Newton had an 18-yard touchdown to become Anthony Watson for the Greens’ first points, or offense. Newton later had a six-pick from Deyon Bowler, but finished in his final rotation with a 40-yard pass to Raysean Ellis.

Newcomer Jamarian Ficklin met veteran wide receiver Jayden Bell on a 42-yard touchdown. He also had a remarkable game in a collision with Jarin Riggs-Brown in his first session, with Brown catching a deflection with nice focus.

Jacob Jones also had a TD pass, going to Bell for 60 yards.

“The quarterback is obviously a pressure position and I said to all three of them, don’t put too much pressure on yourself tonight,” Hill said. “Jamarian doesn’t have the same reps this spring due to coming out of eighth and OSSAA rules for them, but he looked at it and did a great job. It’s good that we have three guys. potentials there. “

Newton on offense and Kiondre Johns on defense received awards for effort and participation, two of those non-contact fundamentals that Hill spoke about.

“It’s good for these two guys,” Hill said. “And Jacob, he’s been a constant whirlwind.

Three guys who got more than the average training were kickers Skyleer Onebear, Carter Stewart and Braxton Fields. The only PAT missed was a blockage against Onebear. All three connected on 30-yard field goal attempts.

Defensively, defensive linemen Jeremy Collins recovered a fumble and Devin Whitfield made some key saves that led to points. Safety Isaiah Givens had an interception and linebacker KD Freeman recovered a fumble.

Points were awarded for standard offensive scoring, as well as turnovers, saves and defensive threes and outs.

The Roughers will now head to Summer Pride and later, Team Camps and 7v7s.

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