Russell Wilson thinks Seahawks comments earlier in the offseason were ‘exaggerated’

Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks are gearing up to embark on another NFL season that they hope will pay off in a championship. There were legitimate questions this offseason, however, if they would do it together. These questions were, at least in part, caused by Wilson after making several critical comments about the team’s ability to protect him during media appearances.

Some of these inflammatory comments came on the Dan Patrick show. Wilson appeared shortly after the Super Bowl to express his belief that players should have a say in team staff decisions, preceding his comments to local reporters that he was fed up with being hit behind. Seattle’s porous offensive line.

That brings us to today, just over four months after the initial outburst of controversy and subsequent rumblings of discontent. Wilson appeared once again to chat with Patrick on his eponymous show and was much more diplomatic, shall we say, this time around.

It’s understandable that he felt the comments were overkill in every way, but it was never going to be any other way. Wilson had never openly criticized the Seahawks in any capacity. Not when Pete Carroll got him tossing the ball over the two-yard line with a Super Bowl on the line. Not when they have failed to return to the Big Game thanks to the countless failures of supporting actors around Wilson. When he finally said what he was thinking, it was going to be news.

Another notable nugget of this interview is his deviation from Patrick’s question of whether he ever thought he was going to be traded. Wilson could have emphatically insisted that all business talks were just noise and his relationship with the organization has never been stronger, etc. But instead, he went with the classic quote “the nature of business” and how it could happen at any time.

Wilson’s media appearances can be dates from now on after years of vanilla responses.

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