Sad to read how my Bóthar donations were really spent

It is very sad to read the report on how my donations to Bóthar were spent by David Moloney (“Former Bóthar boss David Moloney admits to stealing suitcases of money from charity”, Irish Independent , May 15).

It was disgusting that he filed an affidavit in court claiming family living expenses of € 6,160 per month. How many families live with much less in this country? Maybe I can help him sort out his finances.

He may need to review his living expenses and lifestyle.

Pauline Ball

Co Tyrone

Who benefits from the disappearance of briquettes?

Bord na Móna peat briquettes were due to be phased out by 2024, but it seems they have already left the market. Before they disappeared, stores stocked Bord na Móna briquettes, as well as varieties from Eastern Europe and Germany, with foreign ones being slightly cheaper.

Now that the Bord na Móna are totally gone, retailers have increased the price of the German variety to what the Irish variety was, even though the German variety only contains 18 briquettes compared to the Irish variety which contains 24.

This green policy has therefore caused unemployment in Ireland and supported employment in Europe through an increase in trade in their products, not to mention the increase in transport costs of delivering their product to Ireland, and increased the cost of living for those using briquettes in Ireland.

Does anyone know when the next election will be?


Julianstown, Co Meath.

Devlin’s words questioned my control over my posts

May 22, in his weekly Irish freelance column (“ The tolerance of social media giants towards online trolls sends us to a very dark place ”, Irish freelance, May 22), Martina Devlin, during a second response to reports that my husband Eoghan Harris had tweeted about her from accounts he was associated with, wrote: “Another sulky account, Dolly White, was the avatar of his wife Gwen Halley, they claim.

Let me call the two weasel words: “they assert”. First, there are no “they”, only me. I had my own account called Dolly White. How does Martina Devlin, who claims to defend women from misogyny, dare to question my control over my own narrative with this “them”.

Second, there is no “claim”, only the fact that I was Dolly White. On May 16, I made the anti-Sinn Féin policy clear by telling Mark Tighe about The Sunday Times. He had no trouble finding me as my phone and email were on the account. So it was a pseudonym, not a fake account.

Gwen Halley,

Blackrock, Dublin

An act of self-harm to leave the political landscape as it is

Frank Coughlan’s effort to excuse the crass governance we have endured, seeming to attribute the failures to one act of God or another, made for a very odd reading (“ Millennials, be careful what you wish for , ” Irish freelance, May 25).

He even went so far as to suggest that the criticisms leveled at the government for the housing crisis are only a part of the opposition parties “throwing excrement on this ailing administration”, rather than launching criticisms justified for having allowed the crisis to occur and now present projects. which many appear to be designed to preserve the status quo rather than to make housing available to every citizen.

All of this has been shrouded in the insulting presumption that millennials are “unread in the true sense of politics and overwhelmed by the level of clickbait news.”

The “advice” that millennials “should be careful what they want,” underscoring the suggestion that they are naïve in the mores of the world, was marked for good measure.

The point is that, as it stands, the vast majority can no longer aspire to a safe and secure place to live and are forced to endure a whole host of other uncertainties in a country that many say is run. only to protect money merchants. – and it is this state of affairs that prompts many to rethink their voting method.

What is utterly astonishing is that in the face of widespread public anger and as our streets continue to fill with tents of homeless people, we see a government unable or unwilling to change course to serve the common good. In the face of that, it would be a gigantic act of self-harm if people went to the polls next time around and left the political landscape unchanged.

Surely the era of the waffle, deviation, apologies and incompetence is nearing its end – or have the gods abandoned us altogether?

Jim O’Sullivan

Rathedmond, Co Sligo

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