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Spring, summer and early fall weather conditions seem to favor good fall foliage this season.

Gold, orange, and red colors should be vibrant with less browns than during drought years, so the fall scenery should be good to excellent with near normal peak times.

We associate the leaf color change with October, but I have already seen beautiful early color in a few places in Cobb and Cherokee counties. Thanks to weather conditions, the color peak can sometimes last until early November in much of the Atlanta metro area, while the Georgia Mountains peak from mid-October to late October most of the time.

As daylight decreases, trees respond more to this (to the amount of sunlight) than to time. But the change is reinforced when highs are only in the 60s and especially when we get overnight lows in the 40s.


Georgia: 19 Oct-Nov 4

Alabama: 19 Oct-Nov 4

Tennessee: October 12-28

North Carolina:(Interior) October 12-28; (Coastal) 19 Oct-Nov 4

Caroline from the south: 19 Oct-Nov 4


Falling leaves drift through the window Red and gold autumn leaves I see your lips, summer kisses The sunburnt hands I held

Ever since you’ve been gone the days are getting longer And soon I’ll hear the old winter song But I miss you most of all, my darling When the autumn leaves start to fall

Since you’ve been gone the days are getting longer And soon I’ll hear the old winter song But most of all I miss you my darling When the autumn leaves start to fall:

No one on the road No one on the beach I can feel it in the air Summer is out of reach Empty lake, empty streets The sun is setting alone –Don Henley, The Summer Boys.


September 27:

October 4:

October 11:

October 18:

October 25:

November, 1st:

November 8:

November 15:


The BEST colors for the appearance of fall leaves occur when there is a combination of a warm spring with a lot of rain, a summer that is neither too hot nor too dry, hot days and nights. cool in early fall.

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