The Tour de France 2024 will start in Italy, end in Nice

The last stage of the Tour de France is emblematic: the riders sail to Paris, sprint through the crowded streets and finish triumphantly on the Champs-Élysées. But in 2024, the race is going to be very different, from start to finish. Yesterday, Italian newspaper The Gazzetta dello Sport released plans for the 2024 edition of the Tour, starting in Florence, Italy, and ending in Nice, France.

The reason for moving the finish to Nice and moving five days ahead of the normal July racing schedule is simple: Paris is hosting the 2024 Olympics in July and August, and the city will already be besieged by the athletes. Although the two races do not technically overlap, there are only a few days left between the last stage of the Tour and the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. In short, there is no place at the inn.

And with the recent chaos outside of the State of France in the Champions League final last month, it’s no surprise that Paris prefers not to host several major sporting events at once.

With Paris hosting the finish of the Tour de France since 1903, a change could be a good thing. And the seaside town of Nice on the French Riviera isn’t such a bad destination to wrap up a race.

The Gazzette also reported that the race will start in Italy, crossing the regions of Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont. It’s not the first time the race has passed through Italy, or the first time it’s started in another country – this year it’s set to start in Copenhagen – but it’s the first time the race will start in Italy.

Cycling News report that the three Italian regions hosting the stage paid around ten million euros to Amaury Sport Organization (ASO).

The Grand Départ will take place in Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence on June 29, 2024. According to The Gazette, the first stage will be approximately 180 to 190 kilometers, going from Florence to Rimini. To bring the race back to France, stage 4 will take the riders to the country, from Pinerelo.

Each stage in Italy is designed to honor an Italian cyclist who has achieved Tour greatness in recent years: “Ottavio Bottecchia, first of all, the first Italian winner of the Tour in 1924: 2024 is his centenary. Florence means Gino Bartali and Gastone Nencini; Cesenatico the pirate Marco Pantani; Pinerolo Fausto Coppi”, The Gazette Explain.

According Within the Games, ASO declined to comment on the announcement and Tour organizers released no further information.

Of course, before we get to 2024, we have to finish this year’s race: if you haven’t been paying attention, it starts on July 1, a Friday, in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a general rule, the Tour starts on a Saturday, but due to the remote start, a transfer day after the first three stages in Denmark is necessary, so the race has been shifted by one day.

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