Too many advertising spam floods our deadlines

Twitter users: Too many spam advertisements are flooding our calendars. Image: Pexel

Last week, Twitter users complained about seeing too many promoted tweets. This week is not much better. A reading of a Twitter timeline shows one tweet promoted every four to six tweets, give or take.

Promoted Tweets are regular Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a larger group of users or engage their existing followers, according to Twitter. commercial page. “All Sponsored Tweets are clearly labeled as ‘Promoted’ when an advertiser pays for their placement on Twitter. “

Initially, users thought there was a problem with the social media giant’s advertising system, TechCrunch reported. However, a company spokesperson confirmed that was not the case.

“We regularly experiment and roll out changes in our advertising experience. We are constantly innovating and testing, and will continue to adapt as we learn, ”the spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Twitter has promised to be “thoughtful in the way we display Sponsored Tweets” and claims to be “careful about how many Sponsored Tweets people see in a single day.”

Many Twitter users believe that spam advertisements deviate from this promise.

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“There is something wrong with seeing 4 advertisements / tweets promoted in a row,” wrote user @patrickgreygilb.

“Twitter guy has the worst user experience right now. My timeline is literally made up of promoted tweets and broken pieces of conversation that don’t matter to me. It’s actually so rare to see original tweets from people you actually follow. What’s even the point, ”wrote another.

Some have even suggested that the company needs the money – or needs it – once President Donald Trump steps down.

“Wassup @Twitter .. need money? .. like 3 out of 10 tweets in my timeline are promoted tweets, ”user @HBBP wrote.

“They know that once @RealDonaldTrump is out and maybe banned 90% of people who use Twitter will leave, so they’re monetizing as much as possible over the past few weeks,” commented one user on Slashdot.

The company has recently experimented with various products. In November, he announced the launch of Fleets – tweets that disappear in 24 hours.

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