Washington Nationals News and Notes: Davey Martinez on Kyle Schwarber’s Knee Problem; Victor Robles and his swing + more …

Schwarber sits with a sore knee, but not this knee:

Kyle Schwarber tore the ACL in his left knee in an outfield collision just two games of his second season in the Big League in 2016, but made an unexpected and triumphant return in time for the World events this year. Schwarber got 7 for 17 in the 2016 Fall Classic, helping the Chicago Cubs end their 108-year drought in the World Series.

Wednesday night in Atlanta, it was a collision with the warning track that removed Schwarber from the roster. He dived for what ended up being a ground rule double down the line and landed hard. He tried to stay inside afterwards, but withdrew from the game when it felt like it locked him up. It was the right knee this time.

“He felt like he couldn’t run,” manager Davey Martinez said after the Nationals’ victory over the Braves. “He got out of the game, they looked at him, he said he was feeling pretty good. But we’re going – he’s been treated, we’ll see how he feels tomorrow. He’s walking normally right now, he said it doesn’t hurt that much, but we’ll see if it swells overnight.

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Schwarber was not penciled in the Nationals’ roster for the final with the Braves, although he did tell Martinez he could pinch the blow if necessary in Thursday’s game.

“He’s going to be – he’s in a bit of pain, but he’s available to pinch the blow,” Martinez said before the fourth of four at Truist Park.

“He’s receiving treatment right now. So we’re just going to keep an eye on him and see, but he said he felt like he could probably pinch the shot, we’re going to try to stay away from him playing on the outfield today. .

Fortunately for the outfielder, it was the right knee this time, and not another problem with the left.

“It’s his right knee,” Martinez said ahead of the final. “And he sort of – he hit the ground pretty hard yesterday and he locked onto him and he said, ‘I didn’t feel like I could run. That’s why he withdrew from the game. He left here walking fairly normally.

“He came over this morning, saw him and talked to him for a minute. He said he was still a little tender, a little sore, so we just chose not to play him today. And I said to him, I said, ‘Hey, take your medication, if you’re good enough to pinch it …’ and I couldn’t even pronounce the words.

“And he said, ‘I’ll pinch if you need me.’ I said, “Well, we’re keeping you out of the outfield today, but yeah, if you’re good enough to pinch the ball if we need you, then just be available.”

Schwarber didn’t end up playing in Thursday’s 5-1 loss.

“He took a few swings,” Martinez said. “He still felt pretty stiff, but he took a few hits in the cage in case he had to get a pinch hit, so we’ll see how he feels tomorrow. He’s going to have another round of treatments now, probably more tomorrow, and then we’ll see how he feels.

Victor Victor Victor:

After missing 10 games on the IL with a sprained right ankle, Victor Robles returned to the lineup in Atlanta and went 0 for 8 with a walk and three Ks in the first three return before the series final. yesterday at Truist Park.

Although he was held smoothly in a pinch-stroke and two-start appearance, Robles did hit a few balls, including one that was inches from a home run on Wednesday, and his manager said Thursday that ‘he liked what he saw of his 24-year-old outfielder at home plate.

“He’s been good,” Martinez said. “He was good. He missed a home run yesterday. He really works to try and stay on top of the ball. He hit balls hard. I think his approach – and he works well, that counts – his approach has been really good. Mostly, like I said, he missed time on the IL, and he’s coming back, and I know he was working in the cage when he can hit with it. [Hitting Coach Kevin Long] and they were talking a lot about being on time for the fastpitch, but he’s had some good swing, so I like his batting right now.

MLB: Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs

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The fourth-year skipper also said he liked Robles’ approach to batting, in addition to the swings, with the young star seeing a lot of throws if he didn’t connect for hits.

“It’s tough, when he went to IL he was swinging the bat really well,” said Martinez, “and he was really fighting, thought he was going to be fine, but in his position he is playing center the biggest part of his game is his speed, we have to make sure he was going to have that right ankle, but like I said, right now he’s fouling the balls he was hitting before going on the ‘IL, but he’s got good swings, so I think now it’s just a matter of his timing getting to where it needs to be and he’ll start putting those balls into play. But he’s doing great. ball.

“The most important thing is that he stays on the ball and sees the cursor a lot better, which got him a lot of cursors and he was swaying and missing.

“Now he sees these bullets a lot better than he has been, so it helps a lot.”

Robles got 0 for 3 with a walk and two Ks in the fourth of four with the Braves.

Sunday entry yet to be determined:

It will be Max Scherzer and Joe Ross in the top two of the three with the Philly at CBP this weekend, but the starter for Sunday’s game was yet to be determined Thursday morning.

Davey Martinez at least dismissed a pitcher when asked if he picked a starter for the final in Philly.

“We are still discussing,” he said. “I mean, we’ll figure it out. We have a day off on Monday. It could possibly be a fencing day. But we’ll find out when he comes. I can tell you now that [Erick] Fedde will not launch on Sunday. Even though we thought if all went well, he could eventually come back and throw in the paddock because it would be his side day, but we’ll see how he feels today.

Fedde came out to start at High-A Wilmington on Thursday, in his first appearance since testing positive for COVID-19 and being placed on COVID-IL while the team was at Wrigley Field last road trip.

The plan was to send him and find him a job, before the 28-year-old right-hander returned to the major league roster.

“Fedde is going to come down and hopefully the weather will allow him to go out there and play five innings. That was the plan, so we’ll see what happens today.”

How did it go for Fedde?

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