When is the best time to sow the garden?

Although many people are eager to embark on spring activities after what has seemed like a long winter, it might be best to wait before planting seeds and plants in the ground.

Elsie Kathler with Steinbach and Region Garden Club says the ground is still too cold for most plants.Jaxson learns all about caring for perennials during his visits with Nana. Both spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying nature while tending to flower beds and potted plants. (Photo credit: Jo Brandt)

“The best time is when the ground temperature is 10 degrees. To reach 10 degrees, you need a consistent 2-week window where nighttime temperatures stay around 10 degrees, at their lowest. Thus, the temperature in the ground has a chance to warm up. We haven’t had that yet this year, so the ground is still quite fresh.

If you’re looking forward to planting, Kathler says some of the cool-weather crops might be fine if planted right now.

“Things like beets and carrots, lettuce, peas, those are very cold crops. So you can put them on now.

Kathler says crops like corn, kale and cabbage should wait until the soil temperature hits 10 degrees. If the ground isn’t warm enough for crops in hot weather, she says they won’t do much.

“They’ll just sit there. And if it’s really wet, they’ll even rot because they won’t germinate.

Forecasts indicate that we can expect overnight low temperatures to continue to be below 10 degrees for at least another week.

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Will waiting until June hinder plant growth? Kathler says the warmer soil will give the plants a boost and they will be able to grow quickly.

Greenhouses are expected to be busy again this spring as more people try their hand at gardening. Kathler says the trend of growing your own food continues across North America.

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“We see people going back to the land, going back to the land to grow their own food.”

She says one reason for this trend is the cost of food, but a bigger reason seems to be health consciousness, as people want to grow their own food, so they have more control. on how their food is grown.

Kathler notes that patio gardens are also growing in popularity as people realize they can grow a variety of foods in pots. Things like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers do well in pots.

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