Women now face racketeering charges after arrest for alleged credit card fraud

Vanessa Ravare, also known as Sandra Seawell, was arrested on October 21 in Silverthorne for allegedly attempting to use a credit card cash advance scam at a bank. His case will be transferred to Eagle County in the future, with a new arrest warrant charging Ravare with violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA), a class two felony, as well as numerous other charges.
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A woman previously arrested in Silverthorne will now face a charge of racketeering, a class two felony, according to a new arrest warrant from Eagle County.

Vanessa Ravare was arrested on October 21 after she allegedly tried to obtain a cash advance from a bank in Silverthorne. According to Silverthorne Police, she was found in possession of fraudulent documents when contacted by an officer.

Bank staff were made aware of the scheme after a similar fraud attempt at Frisco resulted in Cynthia Johnson’s arrest a week earlier.

Johnson’s case was transferred to Eagle shortly after her arrest, where she will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, December 8. She faces a total of 27 counts – the most serious being Colorado’s racketeering or violation charge. Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA).

“Due to the complexity of this case and the number of law enforcement agencies involved, it was appropriate to bring him to Eagle County to obtain resources in handling this case,” McCollum said.

The suspects allegedly used the same interbank ploy, attempting to obtain cash advances on a fake Capital One credit card and using a fake ID. When the card was declined, they allegedly told the cashier that the credit card company was unaware of their travel plans and told them to call the number on the back of the card, where another accomplice would pose as a Capital One customer service representative.

According to the Vail Daily, Johnson allegedly obtained a cash advance of $ 4,850 from an Alpine bank in Avon under the identity of Deborah Brendel and then attempted to use the same identity at a branch of Frisco prior to her arrest. She was also known to use the pseudonym Jacquelyn Murray.

The ongoing investigation spans across western Colorado, including several towns in Summit County, Eagle County, Mesa County and Garfield County through the I-70 corridor. According to the prosecution, the women targeted several banks across the state, including local chain Alpine Bank, which reported a total loss of 37,550 from the combined scams.

Ravare, in total, faces one count of COCCA violation, five counts of identity theft, one count of unauthorized use of a financial transaction device, one count of theft, five counts identity theft, two counts of attempted criminal theft and one count of possession of a counterfeit instrument.

“These are just allegations in an affidavit for an arrest warrant,” McCollum said. “She has yet to be transferred to Eagle County.”

According to Colorado law, to establish a COCCA violation, the prosecution must show that two or more acts of racketeering took place within a ten-year period.

“The affidavit alleges that she participated in the same criminal activity as Ms. Johnson,” McCollum said. “It would make no sense to accuse a single individual of this crime; you would basically need two or more.

Johnson is currently represented by a Public Defender and Ravare will be offered non-conflicting representation. After Ravare is transferred to Eagle County, the court will set a date to lay formal charges.

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