Zachary L’Heureux – Profile of the 2021 NHL Draft

His offensive play stands out, but L’Heureux is a very reliable defender as he is able to provide excellent evenly coverage on the back check and penalty. He puts a lot of pressure on the puck carrier and always likes to gain the advantage by immobilizing the opponent with a quick lift of the stick.

While he is 5ft 11in, he is not afraid to play a physical game and toss his body. It is really effective at making hits in order to create turnovers and regain possession. He always tries to play the body in order to push back the opposition.

While that’s a strength for L’Heureux, it’s also a reason it deserves a few red flags as he has been unruly this season, resulting in several suspensions during his draft year. While this may turn some teams off, his energy and offensive impact still make him a highly prized prospect.

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Zachary L’Heureux – NHL Draft Screening

There is no doubt that with L’Hérureux’s skills, he is definitely worthy of a first round selection, as many outlets have him in the 20-30 range. A potential top-15 pick heading into the draft season, his discipline issues on the ice could be a factor as to why his stock could drop in the draft. When he is in his game, he is one of the most difficult players to face. For this, a team will be happy to select it.


“L’Heureux is a forward from start to finish, who can use his strength to win battles and protect the puck. He has surprisingly soft hands for his playing style and a finishing ability that will grab attention. He has an average streak that has led to two suspensions this season, but he could prove to be a useful striker at the next level. – Josh Bell, FC Hockey

“When he is in his zone, he will still show aggression even if it is less than before. That being said, L’Heureux will throw shots on open ice in an attempt to silence the cycle and regain possession of the puck. Below is an example of L’Heureux’s willingness to be serious and deliver punches on open ice to stop the rush. – Josh Tessler, SMAHT Scouting

“L’Heureux is a pure scorer. He has excellent wrist shot and quick release. He also has a good shot, a slap shot and a one minute shot. His strokes are precise and powerful. L’Heureux is not afraid to play in dirty areas of the rink, relishing the battles in front of the net. From there, he can score with a deflection, with quick hands to pounce on the rebounds, and in one go a pass to the back of the net. “- Ben Kerr, Last Word on Sports


  • Powerful shot
  • Washer protection
  • Defensive awareness
  • Skating
  • Physical presence

Under construction (improvements to be made)

Handling the washer

NHL potential

L’Heureux’s skills could make him a very valuable and complete player in the NHL. He has the ability to hurt you on the power play while playing a shorthanded stopping role. He has the potential to play in a top six role with the possibility of even seeing the best minutes if his development goes well.

Risk-reward analysis

Risk – 3.5 / 5, reward 4/5

Fantastic hockey potential

Attack – 8/10, Defense 7.5 / 10

Awards / Achievements

In 2019-2020, L’Heureux was named to the all-star rookie team of the QMJHL while totaling 53 points, the highest by a rookie this season.

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